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Canton, Texas

4th of July porch decor

For Mother’s Day, Jason promised me a day of shopping with Julie and Cheryl. We decided to go to Canton and we had so much fun. After a big shopping day with friends – aren’t you curious as to what all the loot looks like in their home? I am! So, here’s your chance to see it for yourselves.

fleur de li

Iron towel rack (I need to get another towel to roll up) and iron soap holder.

Tin for hall way

I LOVE putting iron, cute boards with sayings, etc above the doors in my house. This is the door to my bedroom.

Iron for my bathroom door

New jewelry and cute necklace holder

I know this is a little weird, but I fell in love with it! (I broke the other one.)

I hope you enjoyed the tour and got some fun ideas for your own home!

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