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Lisa’s Message Room

Room Before

My sister Lisa is currently getting her message, RTT, and cranial therapy licenses. She has a passion for healing and hope to specialize in pediatrics and help children with special needs and other physical problems.

She’s planning on working out of her home and is converting her work out room into a message room where you’ll find the relaxation of a mini spa.

Thanks to Toni with Design Dazzle, we picked the perfect spa shade and started painting.

We always have a blast when we’re together.

Drake loved the transformation but was very confused why we were painting his room? Yes, the boy thinks that this is his room at Lisa’s house as we store a bunch of extra toys in the closet.

Here is the after! {{soothing}}

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Easter and Spring Decor

Out of all the holidays, Easter is the one where my home decor sucks. Yep, I’ll admit it. It’s very juvenile and I just haven’t spent the money or time to make anything that I love.

{{Aside from the Happy Spring blocks that I made at church, of course.}}

See what I mean? I’ve basically just kept their old Easter baskets and have used them for decor. Hopefully next year I’ll really do some real decorating.

I actually do really like my egg garland. I made it last year with the boys. We bought bags of $2 plastic eggs and strung them together with fishing wire. They turned out fun.

I also like the bunnies I got at Bunco years ago when I lived in Katy. They remind me of dear friends miles away. Okay, so maybe I don’t dislike all of my Easter decor, but I’m going to make some really fun items for next year. I can’t wait!

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Projects Around the House

Jason is now home from Russia and I can’t tell you how good it feels to know he’s home for good. He has been gone more than he’s been home and it’s been exhausting to say the least. Now that life can get back to normal, it’s time to tackle some long over due projects around the house.

It’s time to paint the study! I really do love to paint. There’s just something about completely making over a room with $50 and a couple hours. {{heaven}}

The finished look, subtle and neutral.

I’ve also been really frustrated lately with my master bathroom drawer. It’s seriously a jumbled mess and it’s been bugging me.

A quick trip to the Container Store and $12 later – a place for everything. {{bliss}}

Jason’s home and off work the rest of the year. I can’t wait to see what we do next! {{evil laugh}}

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Christmas Decorating

The next morning, after returning home from Branson, it was time to decorate the house for Christmas.

My darling friend Emily was over to play with me and Drake and lent a helping hand with all the decor.

She took it really seriously and let me know when I moved something that she didn’t appreciate. HA! It was so cute. I had to convince her that this “wish” needed to be with the other silver stuff. She finally agreed.

Drake and Emily squealed in delight at the opening of every box. They finally settled on playing with all the Nativity sets. Sadly, I had to do the rest by myself.

Formal Dining

Tip Junkie is hosting a Holiday Viritual Tour of homes, so head on over to link up your decorating post as well as get some new ideas for next year. {{giddy}} Here’s my home all decked out for the season.

Most of my Christmas decor I either made or received as gifts. So they each have a special memory associated with them. It makes decorating more of a “blast from the past” experience for me.

Entry Way


Living Room – back view

Living Room – front view

Entry Way

The house glows at night! (Man, I’m a bad photographer!) It really does glow. HA!

We also had our first snow fall last week.

The boys thought it was seriously so cool!

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My Home for Halloween

We’re having a Virtual Tour of Homes over on Tip Junkie and showing off our fall decor.

Its fall and time to get the house ready for the new season! This is my front porch.

On the first day of October we filled up our Halloween Countdown Calendar with candy and started getting excited for my favorite holiday.

My son had an Indiana Jones birthday last year, so my Halloween decorations are more creepy this year as I’ve used many of his party decor.

Front door – inside

You can’t tell in this picture, but I taped several plastic spiders on the decor to make it more creepy for Halloween.

My boys LOVE these large spiders crawling down the iron banister.

The boys and I made these beaded pumpkins together one year and we relive the moment every time we tape them up.

Nook in study

My darling blogging friend Mique made me this BOO banner and I remember her every time I hang it up. I just LOVE my iron pumpkins.

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed a little tour of my home. I just love the fall!

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The Hunt is On!

Lisa and Billy have finally gotten a contract on their house. We’re praying everything goes well and they close as scheduled the end of August. {{fingers crossed}}

So it’s now time to start house hunting. Lisa had fun doing Drake’s hair for the occasion.

Pet pee in the entry way and too small. It was on our top five until day 3.

Thumbs down! Too expensive and small.

You’re gonna just love this home! {{not}}

TV on the floor! Thumbs down.

Too far away from me. Thumbs way down!

The alarm in this house must have been going off for days! It’s now a loud dying cricket sound – Thumbs down!

We saw several model homes on our journey to find the proper living space for Lisa and Billy. Here are a few pics:

Living Room Curtains

How about a balcony from your game room into your living room? (Love the iron)

Football room with easy field boarder (painted) and cool game board header. The score numbers can be changed out.

Narnia room. Drake LOVED the stuffed lion.

Princess Room Curtains with finials instead of rods.

Castle bed. I had one similar to this when I was a child. However, mine was a bed on top and a play house on the bottom. This one is open inside so you can see the ceiling.

Fun stone mural above the dresser.

Fabulous media room with murals inside the niches instead of frames.

After 3 days and who knows how many homes – we’ve narrowed it down to our top 3. They’ve put in their offer on the first one and we’ll see how it all pans out.

I’m really excited for them!

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Model Home Hopping

Wendy and I went model home hopping on our day off this week and boy did we have a good time.

I left this house feeling a like I lived in the slums. I was flabbergasted at it’s beauty. I took a lot of pictures as Wendy was looking at media rooms and I was focusing on curtains.

Media Rooms

This media room has 3 levels – 2 couches and the top level is a bar with bar stools. To the left there is a kitchenette!

This media room had 2 levels – bar and the then couch at the bottom.

Master Bathrooms

Holy Crap! I could totally get used to this kind of living.

This bathroom has a cappuccino machine in it!

Master Bedrooms

Curtain Ideas


I thought this was a cool space room. I’m sure Davis will always want his room to be the same theme so it was nice to see it more for teens.

I thought this paint was darling for a girls room.

You know I couldn’t help myself! I had to play dress up and take advantage of this little girls room. {{amazing}}

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"Back" To Work

Jason is back in school, as of this week back to working full time at the office, and the boys are in basketball. My poor body still feels so week and helpless. Since I’m still not allowed to bend or twist, my sweet SIL, Bonnie, came into town to help me get my house back in order.

She brought her son as a play date (diversion) for Drake. All went well considering Drake hasn’t had to share his own toys with a friend in over 2 months. They were darling together when Drake did share and it was so much fun to have him in our home.

Bonnie certainly rolled up her sleeves over the weekend. She did all our laundry, grocery shopped, took the boys to the playground a couple times, and helped me organize my home.

I wish I had thought ahead and taken a before picture. Then you would realize how impressive this really is. We boxed up lots of toys and put them in the attic for rotation later.

For the first time since Thanksgiving, my game room is just how I like it. {{evil laugh}}

Bonnie did all the work! She not only picked up all their toys, etc. but cleaned out their closets as well.

I can’t thank her enough for taking so much stress off of me. I’ve been wondering how on earth I was going to get my house back in order and not hurt myself in the process.

I still have labels to make for Christmas toys and several bins to put in the attic so it’s easier for the boys to clean their own rooms. However, their rooms haven’t looked this nice in over 2 months and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you so much Bonnie for knowing exactly what I needed and being willing to work so hard. We had a great time together and it feels so good to live in an organized home again. {{relief}}

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It’s Fall Y’all!

Talk to me Tuesday over on Tip Junkie this week is featuring fall and Halloween home decor ideas. I love getting a peek into other women’s homes! Here’s mine and I hope you are inspired with a new idea for your home.

Seriously, I do not know where 2008 has gone, time is passing so quickly! Last week I got out all the Halloween decorations and decked out the house. It’s so nice to have a change of scenery and get festive for my favorite holiday.

A couple friends and I made the Pottery Barn Halloween advent calendar last year. I made mine skinnier to better fit my walls. And yes, I’ve hooked you up with a tutorial on Executive Homemaker. {{wink}}

This poor broomstick witch has seen better days but I just love her. I made her at a Super Saturday when I was first married.

The same year I made the broomstick witch, I also made this ghost and spider wreath. It’s a mess and missing all the black light bulbs. But I thought the idea was so cool and had to share it with you.

The coke cans were crushed and spray painted white and made into ghosts. Then they used black pipe cleaners for the spider legs, spray painted light bulbs black, added eyes and a red rhinestone on the back to make spiders. Add a big festive bow and voila.

Inside my front door.

Outside my front door.

I still haven’t gotten my camera fixed. 🙁

Entry way

One year the boys and I beaded these pumpkins. We have made it a tradition to hang them from our bar. It must have been a good memory because they talk about that day every time we hang them up.

Thanks to Dylan’s birthday party decorations, we’ve been hooked up with all kinds of creepy crawling things. I finally found a place for my bat!

Mique made me that Boo banner last year. Thanks Mique!

When the kids came home, we made a chocolate cookie haunted house. We had a friend over and she joined in the fun.

I let them do the entire thing. They read the directions, put it together, and decorated it themselves. They are way too big for mom’s help. {{get with it mom}}

Drake cried the whole time wanting to eat the candy.

They were so proud of themselves when they were done.

As soon as the picture was taken, it was consumed!

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Dining Room

It’s project time! I’ve been way to wet this summer between the pool, beach, and the lake. I’m ready to dehydrate!

It’s my turn to host Mavens and Book club this month and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been wanting to paint my dining room for some time now and even paid a professional to help me pick the colors. Now, I have an excuse to get busy.

These are times that you have to “go with your gut”. The color she picked for the top was just a little to “yellow” for me – so I went a couple shades darker.

Before – Summer Suede

After! Top – Restrained Gold, Bottom – Mannered Gold

I absolutely love it. I’ll be honest, when I was painting I wasn’t so sure. It was a little bright for me, but now that it’s done, I feel like it was always meant to be those colors. It brings in a warmth that was needing.

What colors are your dining room?