"My Character is Increasing"

This week I took Davis to the orthodontist and on the way there he told me that he had told his teacher he didn’t have any friends. His teacher let him go to the counselor to talk about it. Naturally, I has devastated because I thought his relationships were stronger than ever. {{dooh}}

I asked him if something happened at school and he said that it’s not the girls, it’s the boys. I probed him with a couple more questions and he said, “I can’t remember”. Anyway, on our way home I finally got out of him that the boys at school play and trade these toys and you have to have one in order to be in their group.

I told him that I was really proud of him for asking for help from his teacher and he did the right thing. However, his teachers can’t buy him Bakugan’s, and he needs to tell me so I can take care of him.

I turned the car around and headed over to Target to get the latest 4th grade trading craze. On our way back into the car as Davis is beaming with excitement he says to me, “Mom. The councelor says that my character is increasing.”

Yes son and so are your verbal skills. {{teary}}

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Super Saturday

I’ve been busy getting sign up sheets and schedules ready for our Saturday Spectacular a.k.a. Super Saturday. Here’s a taste of what we’re doing.

Placemat purses you can use as gift bags.

24 Christmas Story Album

Family Name Board

Trick or Treat Board

24×24 Magnet Board

Temple Block

Here’s the poster I made displaying all the fun crafts.

The sign up sheets.

The schedule.

It should be a fun day! Are you left for wanting more? Here’s 60 craft/DIY ideas.


New Products on Executive Homemaker

I’ve been crazy busy organizing these new products for the only daughter I’ll ever know, Executive Homemaker. She’s my “baby” of sorts and unlike my boys: she does what I tell her, wears what I want her to wear, and doesn’t {usually} talk back.

She is a little high maintenance but I enjoy the creative time we have together. Anyway, here’s just a taste of some new products you can find on Executive Homemaker.

Girl hair accessories by Lilliana’s

Hand painted canvases by Doodle Design Shop (tons more to upload)

Crocheted beanies by Noggins

Crocheted precious stones by The Pink Armadillo

All these products are so reasonably priced. Be sure to spread the word and support these Mom-prenuers on Executive Homemaker!

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Power of Positive Thinking

Months ago I read a great post from CrazyMama where she talked about the words in her home. I loved the post and haven’t forgotten about it. I’m finally taking the time to feature the words in my home.

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you decide to see beyond the imperfections.”

Years ago, when I was in my “self-discovery” phase I read my Self-Confidence Formula and my Creed for Self-Discipline out loud daily. (No, I’m not kidding. ha ha) I can’t help but laugh remembering those days. They were filled with self-doubt, a lot of anger, and concern for the future. That time in my life was dark but completely necessary.

“Today’s test is tomorrow’s testimony.”

Back in the day Dr. Phil and I were BFF’s! Yet, here I am today purged of past hurts, trauma, and guilt. I relied on the Lord to help me heal and really took that time seriously. As a result I guess I’ve subconsciously filled my home with reminders to myself of how to live and what’s important to me.

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

CHRIST The Center of our home – a gift from a friend. The frame was also a gift from a friend.

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15


The Turk Family, Established 1995

The love of a Family is Life’s greatest blessing. – a gift from a friend.

TURK love one another

Families are Forever – I was so convinced I would have a girl, I added one when I made this quilt. hmm

Boys will be Boys

FAMILY a journey to forever

DYLAN I am a child of God

DRAKE I am a child of God

DAVIS I am a child of God


A friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart – a gift from a friend.

Love & Enjoy Life

Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured – I won this at Mavens.

Eat, drink and be merry – a gift from a friend.

Life Laugh Love iron – a gift from a friend.

Love at Home magnet board – I made with Katri

Live Laugh Love

Home Sweet Home

Refreshments – a project I’m working on in my media room. I’ve got quite the sweet tooth. 😉

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Subliminal Messages to Myself & Family

You are Special!

Be grateful, Be smart, Be involved, Be clean, Be true, Be positive, Be humble, Be still, Be prayerful.

For Chosen Mothers Poem

Thoughts become words, Words become actions, Actions become habits, Habits become character, Character is everything.

Holy Cow! I’ve got a lot of words in my home. Maybe I need to branch out on my decorating style a bit. ha ha. Each one of these pieces holds a special meaning to me. I’m glad they’re in my home speading positive thinking and joy.

What are the words in your home?

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Wondering What I’ve Been Up To?

I feel like I haven’t stopped moving since I got home from Utah. It’s been a fun and crazy week. Besides getting ready to host Thanksgiving here at my house, I’ve been uploading TONS of new products onto Executive Homemaker.

All kinds of fun stuff from Bitsy Blossoms.

There are so many new products, click here to check them all out. Keep your Christmas shopping list in mind. Let’s support these Mom-prenuers and fellow bloggers!


Blogtique Challenge

I’m putting my Christmas List together and I’ve decided that I’m going to purchase the majority of gifts from my fellow bloggers! I would love to support each of you any way I can. Here are some products I’m considering:

Christmas Cards from Aslhey! I can’t wait!

For Mom or Grandparents:

Generations of Love Necklace from Tabetha. She has many products that would work for almost any female. 😉 Including Christmas ornaments.

Post it Note Holder from Christy

For my Nieces:

Tutu from Bethany.

Pixie Bands from Sharon

For my Friends:

4 Groups of Chocolate from Lauralee

Other Cool Products:

Sassy Camera Strap for the digital scrapbooker or photographer.

Of course there are a lot of products created by women on Executive Homemaker as well.

**Blogtique Challenge**
I’m going to be posting all products created by women on my blog and on Leave a comment and let me know about your product, a friends, or fellow blogger! Let’s get the word out and support each other this Christmas season!

Tip Junkie Giveaway!

I’m pulling a CrazyMama and decided to post again today because I left way too much negative energy on blog with my last post. 😉 Even though that’s what I’m going through right now, I’m not typically that mean or negative. I’ll get over it soon.

Let’s move on and focus on the positive!! TipJunkie is hosting a pretty great giveaway! Chanda designs these AMAZING mini-albums and sells them on for $39. TipJunkie is giving 2 away!

There’s nothing that will change your mood quickly like a giveaway! Go to TipJunkie and leave a comment! Good luck, I hope you win!


Sale! Nothing over $19!


The New Fall Line was just announced and it will be available Oct 1st! To get us in the shopping mood Layer’s is having a two day sale where NOTHING is over $19. Inventory is going fast so email my sister, Lisa, at [email protected] today to see if they still have what you’re looking for.

Executive Homemaker was updated and any orders that are placed during the sale will get the discount. Don’t wait, because sizes are selling out fast! They’re trying to get rid of everything for the New Fall Line.