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11 Year Old Scout Camp

Drake is now officially a Boy Scout. I’ll be honest, after 10 years of consecutive Pinewood Derby’s, Blue and Gold banquets, and pack meetings this feels grown up.  {snicker}   I get to graduate from chaperoning Cub Scout camp to my last gig as an 11 year old Scout Camp volunteer.  In comparison to Cub Scout Camp ~ this is a cake walk!

glutathione supplement11 Year Old Scout Camp

After a total of 2 hours prep, I arrived with my first aid lesson and fun times ahead.  I won’t lie ~ it was strange to walk in the unknown, not fully prepared, but full of confidence that I…

a.  Could handle it.

b.  Had probably already experienced it.

Since Drake is my third, and last son I guess all the years are finally sinking in and I’m able to enjoy the craziness Scouts bring.  My older two have taught me how to embrace the chaos.  Which I most certainly have.

Water Bottle Game Shoe Relay for Boys

Water Bottle Relay Race

I was only there a few hours but my favorite part of 11 Year Old Scout Camp was the water bottle relay race which I explained how to play in my craft room over on Tip Junkie.  I wanted to post it in a place where I could quickly find it later.


My first aid lesson on severe cuts was easy and turned out great.  I got some great advice to do a demonstration, show a video, and then a relay race so the boys can practice.  It worked like a charm.

I handed out red vines licorice as tourniquets for rewards.  So hello?!? Of course they were happy.  {evil laugh}

I was also impressed with the PVC team flags and their holders.  Genius.

Thank you sweet boy for allowing me to be a Scout volunteer one last time.  It’s been quite the ride.  I ended my time with such a fun day and enjoyed every minute spying on you with your friends.  I adore you, son!

I now officially pass on the torch to your Dad.  {sniff sniff}

Don’t worry, I’ll still be in charge of your blue cards and will eagerly await to help you with your Eagle Project. Until then I will have to be at peace that this stage of my life is over.

Mother of Boys

Cuttin’ Up ~ It’s A Boy Thing

I was hired to provide some printables for the Real California Milk company and  Amanda and Brieanna did such an amazing job that I wanted to provide some pictures to go with the article of them in action.

Pictures tell the story so much better than print screens of document, don’t you think?  I’ve been working on my photography and editing skills lately.  Boy do I have so much to learn. It’s overwhelming.  {sigh}

It was early in the morning and my boys were so gracious to do their part for mom’s job.  As you can tell… they take their job very seriously.  {snicker}

Even Drake took one for the team as he let me take pictures of him at school!  He was really sweet about it.  Don’t let the smile fool you ~ this little man is NOT a morning person.  So you can imagine how surprised I was that he was so cooperative and happy during the shoot.

Mother of Boys

The Boys as Bubble Runners

One of the best things we did for our family a few years ago was to purchase Jet Ski’s.  Those baby’s transformed our techy family into one that lives on the lake.  Ahh the memories we created.

We sold the Jet Ski’s because this family is now ready for a boat.  The jet ski’s were a great intro to the water but now we’re ready to adventure pass the shore and dive into deeper waters.

While at the boat show exploring our options they had these Bubble Runners and watching people inside them was so hysterical the boys had to give it a try.  {snicker}

See what I’m talking about ~ new fun memories already.
Mother of Boys

It’s Baa-ack!

Oh what to say about school… It’s so nice to have the boys back into a routine however this year has been a bit of a difficult transition.

back to school

Davis and Dylan are at the hybrid school this year which means that they have 5th – 8th grades under one roof.  The good news is that they are together and they really like their teachers.

The bad news is that this is the schools 2nd year to be open. {pulling hair out}  I knew it wasn’t going to be a good fit for us as I’ve heard plenty of horror stories. So I put in a request for them both to be transferred and it was DENIED.  I swear I have had more problems with this school district. {grrrr}

At this point, I won’t vent to you about all the craziness nor will I share how I’ve been verbally attacked by administration during carpool {twice}.  I’ll just say that it’s been a difficult transition.

I have taken drastic measures for my personal happiness and you will no longer find me in the carpool lane.  That is something that I can change and have control over.  After trying to arrange several different carpools and buses – with no success.  I have hired a car service!  Yep, this girl is that desperate and it turns out my neighbor runs an after-school transportation service and is now picking the boys up in the bus lane.  {whew}

Disaster averted!  With my current track record – there’s no telling what would have happened on week three!  {snicker}

Drake’s teacher is completely lovely and very well suited for her class of 8 boys.  For this year we opted to enroll Drake into the Kindergarten program at his pre-school.  His teachers last year gave us the heads up that he was not ready to go to full-time Kindergarten and Jason and I both agree. Drake is a very young soul.

The program is fully accredited and we have the option of enrolling him in 1st grade next year if he’s ready.  However, at this point our plan is to put him in Kindergarten in public school.  We really think that two years of kindergarten is just what our little man needs.

It was really difficult for me to watch all of his friends move forward into Kindergarten knowing that he’ll always be a year behind them.  AND selfishly I was really looking forward to having all of my kids in school full time.  {big sigh}

Even though he has a difficult time going into the classroom each morning he is so happy when I come to pick him up.  His teacher completely gets him and already loves those boys.  She’s the perfect mix of love and logic.  We feel very blessed.

Mother of Boys

Sprinklers, Sun, and Shaving Cream

Talk about some serious shaving cream, sun, and sprinkler fun!  To celebrate Dylan going into Middle school we threw all the 5th graders an outdoor bash.  Just like we did for our oldest kiddos.

Dylan immediately got into it and joined in the fun as soon as we arrived.
This year we didn’t do as many organized games because it just wasn’t needed.  Each kiddo was armed with a can of shaving cream and the festivities began!

Ahhh… to be a kid again.

Thank goodness Megan had the slip and slide ~ it ended up being the shower to wash off all the shaving cream. {snicker}

I just adore this little man.  Out of all my boys, he is the most like me.  He handles life the same way that I do and has many of my personality traits.  It just makes it easier to understand him and be in his life.  He’s truly a joy and blessing in our family.
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All The Ways I Love You ~ Drake’s Reaction

As a speaker at BlissDom, you get mailed a box of fabulous swag from the sponsors. This year Hallmark sent a recordable book with a note saying that they know how hard it is to leave your little ones and so here is something to help make the time apart a little easier.

Isn’t that so thoughtful!  I know, I know.  The guys over at Hallmark are marketing geniuses.  But it really meant a lot to me since it is really hard getting away.

Here is Drake {and the boys} reactions to the book when I gave it to him.  {{giggle}}  <– that’s a link to our YouTube video. 



Mother of Boys

Blast from the Past

I found this picture today of Drake at 19 months.  {{bwaahaa!}}
I needed the laugh as I had a parent/teacher conference with Drake’s preschool teacher today.  It looks like he’s not ready to advance to Kindergarten.  {{huge sigh}} 

The good news is that his preschool has a kindergarten program.  The classes are a lot smaller and he would get the one-on-one attention he needs.   So he could attend there and then if he wasn’t ready to advance to 1st grade, we’d put him in a public school Kindergarten.  It might make the “hold back” a little less obvious or traumatic.

The problem isn’t that Drake’s not smart, it’s that he’s not maturing at the same pace as the other boys in his class.  Yes, it’s obvious that Drake isn’t at the same stage – but I guess I just thought that he would step it up in Kindergarten.  His teacher is amazing and I can tell she has his best interests at heart.  So most likely we’ll put him in Kindergarten program at the church.
Davis and Dylan both had to wait an extra year for Kindergarten and they are both better for it.  It’s just a bummer that we have to do this for Drake as well.
  Selfishly, I’ve really been looking forward to not having pay for preschool.  Now it looks like we’ll have to pay double for kindergarten.  
just my luck…