New Moon Midnight Premier


Man, it’s been a crazy month {{again}}. I feel like I start every post this way. HA! At any rate, Jen, Lisa, and I went to the midnight premier of New Moon. {{when ever that was}}

We now have a tradition of grabbing cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and smuggling it in to help pass the time. It’s seriously the BEST way to wait for a movie.


It was yummy.

I’m referring to the cheesecake, of course! {{evil laugh}}

New Moon was my favorite book because I loved the villains. Victoria and the Voltry – yeah baby! I’m all about the action and this movie didn’t disappoint. {{two thumbs up}}

I’m glad they down-played Bella’s depression. That would have seriously been annoying to watch. My only compaint really was the make-up. Talk about yuck. I felt like their faces were too white and their eyes too gold. They would have stuck out – they looked completely alien. I didn’t like it.

Although, I think I just may have to switch and head on over to “Team Jacob”. Dude brought it which deserves some props for sure!



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Robin Hood = Bonding Time

I can’t tell you what a relief it is that my boys are growing up. For the first time, we have the same interest in movies. I know it’s a little weird to even say out loud.

I’ve been watching the BBC version of Robin Hood and it’s so clean my boys can even watch it!

I discovered it while Googling movies with Richard Armitage. {{giggle}} Katri had told me that her boys loved Robin Hood but mine are still into cartoons so I didn’t think they’d be interested. Well, this summer we’ve snuggled up to several live action flicks and you can imagine my surprise and delight.

Whoohoo! I’m a huge movie buff and it looks like we’ve got several seasons to catch up on and bond over. Thanks Robin we’re loving your adventures!


It’s all about Harry

Opening week (Thursday night) the girls and I went to see Harry Potter in the decked out Capri Theater. First, we had to grab our favorite Cheesecake Factory delight! Mine is the raspberry swirl cheesecake in case you were wondering.

Then we made ourselves at home as we ate, giggled, and gabbed for an hour while we waited for the movie. Man these gals are FAB!

It was such a fun night. A little embarrassing as I was the only one to jump (and possibly squealed) in a couple key parts of the movie. It was quite apparent that I was the only one who hadn’t read the book. {{snicker}}

The movie gets 2 thumbs up from me. Thanks Katrina, Caroline, and Jenni for the girls night!


Twilight Songs

I know this post is going to seem like I have WAY too much time on my hands. But life is kinda stress full right now. {{pulling hair out}}

How do I deal with it? Like I always have, through music.

I’ve been on my computer all afternoon. I’m all caught up on Tivo and without movies in my mailbox. So I thought I’d YouTube some fun music while I frantically tried to answer all the “to do’s” in my inbox. Here’s what I found. Enjoy!

Official Twilight Sound Track Songs {{apparently – don’t take my word for it.}}

YouTube Preview of all the songs

1. Muse – Supermassive Black Hole {{LUV it}}
2. Paramore – Decode
3. The Black Ghosts – Full Moon {{luv it}}
4. Linkin Park – Leave Out All The Rest
5. Mutemath – Spotlight (Twilight Mix) {{luv it}}
6. Perry Farrell – Go All The Way
7. Collective Soul – Tremble for My Beloved
8. ParamoreI Caught Myself
9. Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire – {{LUV it}}
10. Rob PattinsonNever Think – {{LUV it}}
11. Iron & Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth {{My favorite!!!}}
12. Carter BurwellBella’s Lullaby {{luv it}}

Have you heard these songs called the Twilight Hour with the Mitch Hansen Band? The first one is so freakin‘ funny!

These aren’t the actual names of the songs, I just picked out the best lyrics for each song.

1. Jacob Black – Nothin‘ but a Dog {{too funny!}}
2. Edward Cullen – I haven’t heard my heart beating for 90 years {{sweet}}
3. I fear #3 {{hehe}}
4. Jacob Black – When the Cold one came (We’ll all grow old, you’ll have no soul)
5. Alice – You don’t even know the things she can see. It’d be clearer if you’d make up your mind. {{I love Alice}}

The day is now over and my inbox is now empty. {{relief}}


Idols in Concert

I can’t believe that I’m just now getting around to blogging about this. It must be a sign that life is just too busy. {{sigh}}

Anyway, Chanda and I went to see the “Idols in Concert” at the Dallas Symphony. They were past Idol contestants: Melinda Doolittle, Gina Glocksen, Chikezie Eze, and Phil Stacey perform alongside the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

I love how Chanda is always up for an adventure. Hey, me too! {{snicker}} We had such a BLAST.

This was our view. Yes, we had the cheap seats. They weren’t nose bleeds they where behind and above the stage. It actually turned out be really cool because we were so close to the performers. They were each so kind to us and turned around to sing and wave several times throughout their performances.

Melinda Doolittle

First the Dallas Symphony played. Then all 4 of the Idols came out and rotated playing individually and as a group. Melinda was adorable. You can tell that she was eating up the experience and was just glad to be there.

Gina Glocksen

During Gina’s performance, she commented about the 14 year old couple who were cuddling in the pew behind Chanda and I. Seriously, they looked way too young to be so affectionate with each other. It was weird to see.

Chikezie Eze

We were so close, Chanda could read the music title on the symphony’s sheet music. So we got a heads up on what song was playing next. Yeah not me, I’d have to have glasses to see that. 🙁

Phil Stacey

Since we were behind the stage and everyone in the theatre could see us; when the lights were bright we clammed up and sat in our most graceful position. However, when the lights were dimmed we sang along, giggled, and danced.

At the end of the show, we didn’t brave the teens and wait in the long line for the meet & greet. We decided to just snag a quick snapshot of each of them before heading out to the valet.

Afterwards we were dancin’ queens and sang along to movie sound tracks all the way home. Thanks Chanda for coming with me last minute and making it such a fun night!!


I’m Just Not That Into It

Jason and I had our first date in months and went to see He’s Just Not That Into You today during the day. And yes, I sat through the entire thing! Whoohoo. I’m hurting a bit, but nothing a little Advil and lying down won’t fix.

I won’t give any spoilers but I guess I had higher expectations. I would give it 3 Stars. I guess I expected it to be funnier and lighter. They had one sequence in the movie that I think stumped the flow of it.

Forget all the promotion, it’s a “chick flick” NOT a date movie. My advice, see it with your girlfriends and then go to Starbucks and talk about all your ex-boyfriends. {{snicker}}


Tough Guy

Ahhhh. Finally a TV show that keeps my attention with guns, intrigue, tough men, action, and deception. I can’t wait until January. {{squeal with delight}}

Jack’s my kind of tough guy and it was nice to have him back in my home, even if it was for only 2 hours. However the best part of the special were the previews of the upcoming season.

Spoiler Alert!

Tony Almeida is back!! YAY! He’s become my second favorite character in the show .(Sorry President Palmer, I now get to see you in the Unit.)

However, this time he just might be the bad guy. {{ooooh}} Obviously, he’s still hacked-off that Michelle got killed. This boy can hold a grudge. {{love it}}

I love it in the preview when Jack has him by the throat and says, “This time I’ll kill you myself and you’ll stay dead!” {{giggle}}

Tony has officially become Jaws from the Bond movies who would never die. He was my favorite character while watching the old movies with my Dad.

Gotta appreciate those kind of skills!


Mama Mia

In 2005 Lisa, Melissa (below), and I were in NYC celebrating my 30th birthday and saw Mama Mia on Broadway. I was pregnant with Drake.

Not being a musical enthusiast, I was hoping it wouldn’t be a complete waste of money. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised and I really enjoyed it. Of course, who doesn’t love Abba?

I’m convinced I could endure almost any play with great music in it. I can always just shut my eyes. {{ha!}}

So naturally we had to have a late night movie run to see the big screen version. Chanda brought her CD and we jammed to Abba tunes all the way there. We danced, laughed, and cheered all the way through the movie.

I hope the people sitting in front of us weren’t too annoyed. {{oops}}

Chanda summed it up perfectly…

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The City

This was party week for me and considering schools out on Tuesday I need all the quality girl time I can get! Tuesday night we celebrated Tatiana’s birthday. Happy B-day Girl!

Thursday night we got our groove on again for Chanda’s birthday. We had such a great time, I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a while.

Near the end of dinner someone came up with the idea of doing the “shaky face game“. I must live under a rock because I hadn’t heard of this before. Basically you shake your face and while a picture is taken. Click over to Chanda’s blog to see more pictures.

Here’s what Julie and I would look like if we had collagen. See I still wouldn’t have an upper lip. Drat!

It should be said that I LOVE movies! I admit it’s a vice. So when I heard the SexandtheCity movie was coming out, I’ve been so excited I’ve been wearing flowers all month.

To me the movie is the about friendships and how important they are in our lives. Years ago, I watched the show with Laurel who is the epitome of an amazing friend. When she talked about the people in her life, she always used their first name. It wasn’t “my friend from church” or “my neighbor”. So it didn’t take me long to really care about her friends and family. I absolutely loved that about her. I felt like she gave me full access to her life and I was able to do the same with her in return. I’ll never forget Laurel and her influence in my life. She also made me realize how key good friendships are and I’ve been striving to make it a priority in my life ever since.

So, Chanda and I went to see it at the mid-night showing opening night! It was so exciting and the theatre was full of energy and anticipation. It did not disappoint. It was great to be in NYC again and see 4 friends who are crazy but devoted to each other.