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So a bunch of my friends get together on the 2nd Thursday of every month to play games, socialize, and share tips. We’re the Mavens! I just got the list of tips from last week and I thought I’d share the goodies!

  1. has a Jane Austen action figure
  2. You can check out videos for 3 weeks at the Haltom City library just in case you go on vacation.
  3. Daddy’s Footprints Poem
  4. Mexican Soup recipe
  5. You can buy liquid soap in a vintage container at Ross or Marshall’s for under $5 and also makes a great gift. (No more refilling)
  6. Funky Monkey boutique has great stuff
  7. Neutragina has a self tanner with SPF in it.
  8. To get your child to wash their hands better, there’s a squid soap that squirts “ink colored soap” and requires 2 minutes of washing to get off.

4 thoughts on “Mavens

  1. So fun!! I want to join! Too bad I’m in LA…maybe I can start my own Mavens, LA division…what do ya think?

  2. You absolutely should start your own Mavens! Check out Julie on my Friends list for more Mavens tips.

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