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Grandparent Post

We finally enjoyed 6 consecutive days of sunshine. Yeah! We spent almost every day at the pool, friends pool, or spray park. I’m calling this a Grandparent post because it just about the kiddos.

So what do you get when you combine mint dental floss and a binki? Drake found out, a minty binki!

Dylan’s such a cheese when it comes to the camera. He took a break from Webkins to make a silly face.

Davis designed his best K-nex yet. It’s a helicopter with a motorized propeller and landing gear. I swear that boy is gifted.

Guess who had to move the storage place for the pens? Yep, me. I can no longer keep all my pens in a convenient place in the study drawer. Drake can now open the drawer and take off the caps. He drew all over himself. Luckily not on my carpet.

As for me I’ve been reading this book on Michelangelo. It’s not a thrilling read (per se) but for some crazy reason I can’t put it down. I’m completely intrigued by his life. The boy had some seriously bad luck. Poor Guy. I’m really looking forward to this week. 3 of my friends come back from their month long vacations/family visit. Yeah! And because I’ve been a little down, I planned a brunch/play date on Wednesday with some of my other friends and their kids. It should be a better week.

4 thoughts on “Grandparent Post

  1. cute boys! that is an awesome KNnex, and we have not yet succumbed to the webkinz trend but my daughter is begging to get started, and saved her own money to do it! way to go on planning your own fun! it’ll surely get you out of your funk. it’s a bummer when your fave pals are gone.

  2. Your boys are so cute! One of my 2 year olds did the same thing with markers. I’m happy you were able to enjoy some sunny days!!

  3. Cute post – Knex are the best toys for creative boys! My daughter just got a Webkinz too, too much time on the computer sometimes for those little kiddies – however, look at me/us blogging isn’t the best example of how to monitor your electronics time!! Ha Ha!

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