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I Spy Bags!

Do you have one of these I Spy Bags? I’ve had mine for years and the boys still play with them every Sunday at church. I thought this would be a great toy for upcoming road trips as well. Click here to order your own! There’s 20 colors to choose from.

I Spy Bags are loaded with learning and stuffed with fun! Kids love these wonderful, multi-sensory learning tools, and are motivated to use them! The look and feel of the colorful 7″ x 7″ fleece bag pleases both the eye and touch. The 4″ vinyl window allows easy viewing of the 50 or more toys which are hidden among the bag filler.

The entire interactive toy is self-contained so there are no pieces to lose! Great for encouraging finger manipulation. Also makes a great quiet toy, perfect for traveling, waiting rooms, and sitting in church! Click here to view all 20 colors.

11 thoughts on “I Spy Bags!

  1. made one at super saturday like 4 years ago and the boys LOVE it to this day! What a wonderful invention!

  2. I made three a LONG time ago. Strange that I made three because I didn’t have Garrik then. Anyway, my two older boys still like to play with them at church. Of course it’s become more competative. Who can find the most things in a minute and such.

  3. Ok love the red. Target is the best.

    I spy bags are way fun. I got some for my younger son a few years ago. They are the best for church.
    Have a wonderful day 🙂

  4. I loved these for my girls when they were young. Although, we had to leave them in storage and I think they’d appreciate them more now than back then. Hope you well!

  5. Oh! What cool bags! I’ve never seen them before, I obviously just crawled out from under my rock. They would be great church books. Thanks for sharing!

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