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Project Ideas

I got an e-mail from my friend Diana a while ago with these fun DIY project ideas. I’m going to look into doing this as a Christmas gift.

I hope you’ve gotten some fun ideas. Thanks Diana! What projects are you working on?

UPDATE: Diana just e-mailed me 2 more ideas… Enjoy!!

I think I understood in her e-mail that this frame board is to hang necklaces. Beautiful! I’d give her a ‘Great Tip Award’ if she had a blog. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Project Ideas

  1. Dancing Queen – I took it off because I wanted to post these project ideas first. Man, you’re quick! I only had it on there for a couple minutes. I’ll post it today because I’ve got a birthday party to host tomorrow and get ready for. I’m using Tiffany’s Birthday Game and it’s turning out great! I can’t wait to post pics Tuesday eve.

    Diana – You crack me up! 😉 I miss you too. But remember, it’s your turn to come visit me. I’ve traveled to AZ 5 times in 8 years. However, if you get me a plane ticket, Drake and I will be there tomorrow. 😉 Thanks again for these awesome ideas. I’ve kept the red plate out for another post. I’m going to Canton this weekend and I’m going to search for those keys!

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