Witch Switch

I’ve finally joined a swap! I’ve been a blog swap commitment-phobe. However, Halloween is my favorite holiday so I’ve decided to join the Witch Switch. If you want to join, do it quickly. It closes Friday.

The guidelines are simple:

1. Everyone makes or buys a gift for another witch that has something to do with Halloween
2. It needs to be around $20-$25 excluding shipping
3. It needs to be in the hands of the Recipient by October 8th.
If you would like to participate please just click here and e-mail her with your name, address, and 5 fun facts about yourself by September 7th. I’ve already started making mine and I’m soo excited about it! My partner will not be disappointed. 😉

11 thoughts on “Witch Switch

  1. I am doing this swap too!! What a fun name. OK if you get a chance post here or on my blog how to get the info and picture on my blog so I can post about it too, if you get a chance. I can not seem to figure it out or e-mail me at [email protected]
    Much thanks!!!!

  2. Traci – I tried to post the instructions here, but Blogger wouldn’t let me. E-mail me and I’ll reply with the how-to.

  3. Yeah for you joining in on the swap fun! Oh and it IS SO FUN! I wish Halloween was my favorite holiday. I don’t like it much (I just do it all for the kids) so I decided to do the swap to get more into the Halloween spirit.

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