Blogtique Challenge

I’m putting my Christmas List together and I’ve decided that I’m going to purchase the majority of gifts from my fellow bloggers! I would love to support each of you any way I can. Here are some products I’m considering:

Christmas Cards from Aslhey! I can’t wait!

For Mom or Grandparents:

Generations of Love Necklace from Tabetha. She has many products that would work for almost any female. 😉 Including Christmas ornaments.

Post it Note Holder from Christy

For my Nieces:

Tutu from Bethany.

Pixie Bands from Sharon

For my Friends:

4 Groups of Chocolate from Lauralee

Other Cool Products:

Sassy Camera Strap for the digital scrapbooker or photographer.

Of course there are a lot of products created by women on Executive Homemaker as well.

**Blogtique Challenge**
I’m going to be posting all products created by women on my blog and on Leave a comment and let me know about your product, a friends, or fellow blogger! Let’s get the word out and support each other this Christmas season!

10 thoughts on “Blogtique Challenge

  1. Oh, that is such a great idea. I’m saving this blog for when I get around to my Christmas list! My favorite site is Katri’s etsy, of course.

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