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THE Halloween Party

We are lucky enough to have some of the coolest (and craziest) friends ever! We all plan pretty much year round for the annual Halloween Party. Not only is the competition stiff for a great costume but the party has a mandatory skit clause.

Last year Jason and I won Best Performance as Neo and Trinity from The Matrix. We did a fighting sequence with about 12 guns hidden in our costumes as well as some acrobatics. 😉

This year, we went as Earl and Joy from My Name is Earl. Jason and I had a great time! I got to be sassy and loud and boss Jason around all night – needless to say we had a blast! 😉 The pressure was off since we won last year and went ahead and picked a theme we would like, even though we knew the majority of the people hadn’t watched the show. (fyi: Earls eyes are always closed when he takes a picture and Joy is usually telling someone off.)

Where do I begin with Rochelle’s costume? Can I just tell you that they didn’t break character until AFTER all the skits (90 minutes later). Rochelle’s good friend, Terresa, who just moved to Utah was back for the weekend. They went as poligamists and Terresa was the “sister wife”. They were soo good it was CREEPY!

Best Performance Winners were Chanda and her man! Not only did they go as Paula and Randy from American Idol, they set up a booth (complete with cokes) and judged each performance afterwards. Yes, they had a CD full of Simon’s classic remarks. It was awesome!

This was Rebecca as a girl-wolf and Greg’s match on eHarmony.com. Every year they have the most creative and wacky costumes. LOVE it!

You will only get your invite revoked if you get make-up on the carpet or sneek in the master bedroom to watch sports. That leaves a LOT open to the imagination…

Which brings me to HO HO HO! Here’s Santa and his 3 Hoe’s. Yes, this party includes cross-dressers, three-somes, and usually a roll on the floor.

Here’s The Dog and his honey. I didn’t get pictures of everyone because I was having such a great time. Our hosts make everyone a DVD complete with pics so we get to review the evening at our whim. The Best Costume Winners were 4 KISS members.

The party rocked!! We had such a great time. After the skits we watched last years skits on DVD and then danced the night away.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? What was your favorite couples costume? I need some ideas for next year. 😉

20 thoughts on “THE Halloween Party

  1. You guys look AMAZING!! How did your skit go? I can’t imagine Rochelle as a poligimist 🙂 I’m cracking up. I can’t wait to see the DVD!!

  2. That polyg costume is all time. And how nice that you had someone in blackface! Adds a little race element, no? Love the Earl costumes but yours is severely lacking cleavage. I guess you didn’t want to be one of Santa’s ho’s too.

  3. Paige – you got me pegged alright. I have no problem wearing a “You shook me all night” ACDC shirt but showing actual cleavage is where I draw the line. 😉

    After watching tons of episodes over and over again to get the dialogue for our skit, I realized that she referrs to her boobs more than she shows them. Lucky me, he he.

    I did roll up socks and stuff my bra. However, it went completely unnoticed thanks to some others who took it to a whole nother level.

  4. Lisa – Thanks for asking. We nailed our skit! We took dialogue from about 6 episodes and meshed it together.

    I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off because at 5:00 that night when the Trunk-or-Treat started I still hadn’t memorized it. Luckily, I was in charge of getting the babysitter and with that time alone in the car I was able to focus on memorizing it.

    Jason found some great lines and we had the croud laughing. I think we would have been more of a contender if people actually had seen the show. Jason makes a great Earl!

    Cheryl’s man, Russ, came as Dwight from the office and she came as Angela. Holy Cow! Russ was dead on! He didn’t break character until the end of the party and even brought Shroot Bucks! I voted for them for best performance. I was amazed at how good he was. There was some steep competition this year.

  5. oh that is so fun to see all the costumes.. love yours! the poligimists.. that is cracking me up..
    glad you had a fun night!

  6. Ha ha ha! I am funny, huh? I love that picture of us. I am cracking up at myself.

    I did notice your boobs, but they were very tasteful. 🙂

    There was some definate crossing of the line this year! HA! I was a bit nervous about our costume being slightly on the endge, but all fear dissolved when everyone else came. 😉

    I voted for Kiss for best costume and the Halloween Idol for performance. They had so much material. It was amazing. I loved Kiss. They cracked me up with their entrance. But seriously, it was so hard to pick faves cause they were all so freaking amazing!!!

  7. What a fun party!!! Loving all the costumes that everyone came up with! Yours was great. We love to watch Earl!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, what FUN friends you have!!! This makes me want to have a Halloween party and copy some of these great costumes. 🙂

  9. I LOVE that you went as Joy and Earl. How funny! This is giving me great ideas for next year! And where were you when I needed Halloween party ideas!?! We had our party on Saturday. My favorite part was opening the door to see what costumes would show up next!

  10. that is fabulous! and too dang funny!
    crazy too! you guys seem so fun and dedicated to a good party! awesome!

  11. Wow! What a blast!

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  12. Joy & Earl are my favorite although the were-woman is a close runner up. You all must have some fun halloween parties!

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