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What a Weekend

It’s been a fun filled family weekend. Friday after school we went to the school’s fall festival. We all had a great time!

Drake discovered cotton candy. 😉 One of my personal favs.

Saturday morning, I went to Katri’s Super Saturday and had the best time! She came up with some amazing crafts. They were so easy and fun to make. You’ll have to check out her blog to see everything. Yeah!

Saturday brought baseball games and then lots of yard work. We had some mulch delivered and I pruned a bunch of plants. Finally my yard is back in shape. Yeah!

5 thoughts on “What a Weekend

  1. fall festival FUN!!!!! Great pictures.
    We really need to work on our yard. This week has been so windy. My back yard is coverd with leaves everywhere.

  2. Love the crafts- the pictures of the boys at the fall festival look so cute! It was good to see you!

  3. Fall is the best! So many fun things to do! Don’t you love it when your yard looks GREAT?!! I can’t wait to have our yard put in in a few more months!

  4. Hey – I never told ya that Katri is in my Mom’s ward…we figured this out when she was coming up with ideas for Super Saturday and showed the presidency (she’s the secretary) some of the cards from our card swap that I had. And Katri saw them and was like, Hey – these are my friends cards! Where’d you get them?” Funny, huh?!?

    My mom was at the Super Saturday teaching the knitting class.

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