10 thoughts on “Where’s the Beef?

  1. Holy cow, was that in secret code or am I just totally out of it? I don’t even know what you were talking about!

  2. I REALLY need to watch this show! I heard it was SO good! I need to get some netflix going for the first seasons!

  3. Wendi – I was just being silly. “Where’s the Beef?” as in Beef Cake. 😉

    Laura – I should have prefaced my post. The show can be gritty at times and so I’m not recommending it. However, it’s taped similar to 24 where there are plot twists almost every commercial break and the show keeps you at the edge of your seat. I personally don’t mind a little grit – my real life is so squeaky, at times I’m completely bored, and need my drama fix from T.V. (he he)

  4. “Beef” to say the least! I was really going through withdrawals last week not getting me some Schofield and Burrows!! Glad they were back last night and SO good!! But hello, did they say in 2 weeks they’ll be back again? So next week they’re off again?! Is it that damn baseball again?! SO not fair! 😉

  5. My hubby watches that show and I love to come in and out of the room (pretending to be doing something productive) just to get a sneak peak at those two!

  6. i enjoy this show too-i often wonder why because some it is yucky. maybe it’s the cute guys or maybe it’s the suspense-will they get out? of course they will but how!

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