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Homemade Christmas Traditions

For Talk To Me Tuesday over on Tip Junkie, we’re talking about homemade Christmas gifts.

We have several homemade Christmas traditions in our family that I’ve also made and given as gifts. Here’s a few of them:

Felt Nativity Hand Puppets: Several years ago I made these hand puppets at a Super Saturday craft day at my church. They were so easy!! We don’t have enough people in our family to act out the Nativity – so this is our alternative.

Laminated Finch Family Nativity: This is my favorite Christmas gift to make for friends with small kiddos. Print out the “Away in Manger” project in the The Best of Family Home Evening CD on card stock, cut, and laminate.

Since I have a terrible voice, I made a CD of all the songs to go with it. I put wrote the corresponding songs and CD track # on the back of each one as well as a Velcro dot. My boys pick a Nativity character and we sing along with the CD. You can also print out all the words to the songs here.

I’ve used this for soo many things: Family Home Evenings, singing time at church, play group activity, and as a lesson help.

My mom made me this beautiful Stamped Christmas Advent Calendar several years ago. I put it on my fridge but you could also put this on a cookie sheet as well. Make it for your family or for a friend as a gift.

What are some of your Christmas Traditions?

9 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas Traditions

  1. Thank you for posting the picture of the felt puppets! I got the packet several years ago but didn’t attend the craft day, so I had no idea how to put them together. I’m printing yours out and copying, fortunately I’ve saved it all. Now all I need is a glue gun.

  2. I can’t wait to make the puppets. We started a new tradition last year. On Christmas Eve we have a family talent show. My sisters are married with kids and each family does a group number. Then the floor is open to individual talents. I must say we were so creative. My 18 year old brother did a cool science experiment for his talent. My parents did a musical story telling, and my own talented kids wrote a play and we acted it out with puppets. Itis such good family fun.

  3. With my in-laws we have started a tradition of doing white elephant gifts and play a game that goes along with it. Also we have a Mexican fiesta on Christmas day!

  4. I really like the nativity laminated, but the link is not working…The puppets are very cute too, but I think my kids would want to keep them out all year!

  5. I love all of these ideas and so will my kids. I love Finch family games I used to work at my Aunt and Uncles Print shop and we did all of their printing for them.

  6. Found you through Tip Junkie – I LOVE the felt puppets. I have a host of little kiddie friends that I would love to make these for….great tip!!

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