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I can’t resist these fun blog things! Since I don’t have a college degree – this made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

My Enrichment Social (church meeting) and ornament exchange went well last night. Lisa and I had made 60 ornaments to give to each lady as a small Christmas gift from the board. I’m just now realizing that I didn’t keep one for myself. Oops. Oh well, they weren’t that great anyway.

I’m NOT fishing for compliments – I was a little disappointed in how they turned out. But when you’re making 60 of them you just have to, “Make it Work”. I did a version of this one my friend Melissa in Katy, Texas made years ago. Here’s the poem:

High above the weary world,
For eyes to see that will,
The star of Bethlehem will shine
For those who seek Him still.

My Dad and his wife are coming tonight. Yeah! I love my dad and we are finally getting back to where our relationship was before the divorce. It’s a good feeling. Check out Tip Junkie for other things I’ve been up to.

4 thoughts on “My Blog’s Reading Level

  1. ahh! i got a high school rating. such a bummer! congrats on your college level. I’m not shocked i got high school , but it is semi lame.

    whoohoo on your dad coming to Visit. and cute ornaments. 60 of anything is a bunch to make. so way to go. even if you don’t love it.

  2. I loved your ornaments, and your sweet poem. I saw a bunch of clear ornaments at the store last week and couldn’t think of what to put inside. You’re clever.

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