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Christmas Eve

I know this post is a little late – but it was such a fun family moment and I wanted to be sure and capture it. Can you believe I forgot my camera Christmas Eve? {{bummer}} Tricia just e-mailed me some of the pictures I took with her camera, so here they are.

All the kids dressed up as Nativity Characters and we re-created the scene. Davis and Drake were shepherds and Dylan was a wiseman. They did such a good job and took their characters very seriously. 😉

After the program, it was time for the kids talent show, my boys sang a diddy. They loved the attention! It was such a magical night full of friends, fun, and the warmth and magic Christmas Eve brings.

The next morning after unwrapping presents, we sang Happy Birthday to Christ and the boys blew out a candle. Our wish to our Lord and Savior this year is to be more loving to and understanding with each other.

This is a new tradition for our family and it was such a treat to have cake Christmas morning. 😉

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. I grew up with the tradition of putting a candle in the coffee cake on Christmas morning, too! We do the same thing, but with cinnamon rolls! This year the girls didn’t even fight over who got to blow out the candle! (Definitely a first!)

  2. It sounds like a beautiful holiday!

    We just started the cake tradition this year, too.

    Glad you all had a great Christmas!

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