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Dear Drake

Dear Drake,

Mommy loves you so much! You are such a spunky little boy who’s full of life. There are many things I love about you. I love how your favorite thing is to “go bye bye” and are ready at any moment to get in the car and embark on an adventure.

I love how you adore your brothers and love to play with them. I know you don’t realize this but FYI you’re 6 years younger than Dylan. Just thought I should clue you in. 😉

I love that you insist on eating every meal on Daddy’s lap! Because of this you’ve developed a very “manly” pallet. You’ll eat meatballs, pasta, and your favorite is lasagna.

I find it so funny that you’ll eat moss, gravel, and dirt but you won’t eat banana’s, crackers, or cereal.

You’re quite the rocker! You’ve got a great rhythm and some great moves, kid.

I love how you’re a Daddy’s boy. I want you to know that I’m not offended when you hit me because Daddy’s kissing me. Or when Daddy and I are snuggling watching TV, and you try to pry me away from him with your feet. It’s also OK when you pull my hair; it doesn’t hurt, that much.

When you do smile – it’s so AMAZING! It’s lights up the entire house. I love how ticklish you are and even when you’re grumpy you can’t resist the urge to laugh.

I love how you like shoes. I think you like shoes more than anyone else in the family, including me!

However, little guy, we have a huge problem. With all the things I love about you, there’s one thing that you need to work on. Baby, PLEASE stop throwing your binki and blanket out of the crib the moment you wake up.

I don’t know if you realize this but because of your screeching, Mommy hasn’t woken up in the morning to a quiet house in 22 months. This is a bad habit and we need to do something about it.
Love you more than the Universe,


8 thoughts on “Dear Drake

  1. Someday this will all seem like a bad dream…for your sake I hope those days come sooner rather than later. BTW I tagged you on my blog.

  2. You are such a great Mom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post.
    My three year old is a huge Mommy’s boy and wakes up in the middle of the night and just “misses me” and climbs in bed EVERY NIGHT. So, I feel your pain. If I have a night when I am only up 3 times, “Yes, son, I love you too. It’s time to go back to sleep.” I feel blessed.

  3. very sweet.

    you kids are total daddy’s boys too. Yeah, love it when they push me away because they want their dad… that’s fun. Actually I have a little giggle to myself when Kurt’s back hurts from holding kids so much. Awww, I’m cryin’ a river! 😉

  4. I thought my little guy was the only one who would throw his blankets out of the bed so I would have to go in. How funny!

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