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MAC Attack!

Katri had us over for a movie night over the weekend and we watched ‘Jane Eyre’. I will admit that I didn’t go for the movie choice but to fulfill my love language of quality time with some pretty great women.

I was not feeling it, until I saw blood and it was announced that someone got bit! I knew the odds of a vampire or werewolf being in this movie was slim to none – but I teased myself with the idea anyway. It worked and I ended up enjoying it. Thanks ladies!

Jane Eyre gave me the bug, and I’ve been watching vampire movies in my media room ever since. {{giggle}}

On another, completely unrelated, note: Drake discovered he could unscrew my lipstick and painted it on his face. Normally this would not be blog worthy. However, that was 2 DAYS AGO! Yep, it’s still there.

Hows that for a MAC commercial: It won’t even rub off your baby’s face after 2 days of scrubbing, long warm baths, and several soap products. 😉

9 thoughts on “MAC Attack!

  1. I think he’d have done better to do his makeup with a Sharpie! Holy cow – still on that well after two days? Now that’s some colorstay lipstick.

  2. I think you should send you commercial idea to MAC! 🙂

    I never heard of Jane Eyre. MAybe i will check it out 🙂

  3. I’m with you on the vamps. I loved Underworld, but still haven’t seen the second one. (Can you believe that?!) Do you have it? Maybe we need to have another movie night – show Katrina what “goth” really means. (he he)

  4. I feel like I’m looking into my kids future reading about your little boy.
    Mine kid is so busy and into everything. Currently, we have to check the garbages before we take them out, because he likes to throw important, expensive things away. So gross.

  5. I soooo don’t like things with vampires!!!

    LOL!!! I have been looking for some great lipstick and it looks like I found it- Ha!

  6. I can’t even say how many times I have watched Jane Eyre in the last few days. That plus the googling I’ve been doing on Toby Stephens (my man Rochester) makes me a first rate sick-o!

    The vampire comments were great! I knew you’d like that part. 🙂 me too.

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