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Pantry Make Over

We had a power outtage on Tuesday which toasted my router. So I’ve been without internet for the past couple days. Not able to work and respond to e-mail; I was cursing Verizon all day but finally had a change of heart and decided to make the best of it!

With Denae’s closet make over challenge recently, I was inspired to finally take the time to tackle my Pantry! I’ve been wanting to do it for a while. Here’s the before picture.

You may think that it didn’t look too bad, but it was GRODIE! I went all out and I scrubed and painted the shelves and walls.

I had alot of help from Drake and Ed who tried out all the new tubs and baskets.

While I was painting, they played with the garbage cans. I learned all kinds of things you can do with them such as: push them around, throw balls and toys in them, and of course jump off of them. 😉

Here’s the finished product! I was inspired by this pantry – gorgeous! When the boys came home from school they were so impressed! Davis said, “Wow Mom. You had a great day!” I thought that was cute. Dylan took the time to read every label and inspect what was in each one.

I got all the tubs and cloth bins at Wal-Mart. I was amazed at how much extra room I had by using the bins. I just grouped everything into catagories. I also got rid of most boxes. For instance, I dumped out all the breakfast cereal bars into the bin – which gave me so much more room.

I also made some rules like after school they can have something out of the snack bin. After dinner they can have something out of the treat bin. You get the idea.

What’s your pantry system?

31 thoughts on “Pantry Make Over

  1. Okay, you painted?? I am so impressed! It looks great and you’ve inspired me to tackle mine. That might be just the weekend project I need!

  2. Hey Laurie, give us some ideas of how you grouped the bins. That’s a lot of bins & I’m wondering what’s in them. I can see maybe having pasta, snacks, seasoning packets, drink mixes…but I’m kind of stumped after that. So, let us know…what’s in the bins!!!

  3. Oh I love it! I need to do mine now. I wish it were as big as yours. I have things piled so high in my small pantry. Work with what you’ve got, huh?! I’m sure the bins will make a big difference.

  4. Um…panty system? Close the doors! Hahaha.

    You did (of course) an outstanding job. That is quite an accomplishment and it looks great!

    Are you for hire? 🙂

  5. It looks great! I organized my panry the other day…mine is not as big as your but I was able to use a plastic shoe rack for all the “extra” things. I do not like boxes either, but the over the door shoe holder helps out us with smaller pantries!

    Isn’t it fun to organize! I am soo addicted to it!

  6. Oh, something must be in the water. I just made over my toy room and Jen did her pantry (I’m hoping she posts it).

  7. Amy – Here are my bin categories from top to bottom:

    Top: Paper Products, Holiday

    2nd: Popcorn/Chocolate (baking), Breakfast Stuff, Treats, Drake Food, Dog Food

    3rd: Bread

    4th: Cereal, Snacks, Treats to Bake, Chips, Pasta & Sauce

    Bottom: Sides, Bottles, Oils & Vinegars, Baking Products

    Floor: Platters, Cleaning Products

    If you click on the perfect pantry link it will direct you to Tip Junkie. The girl that did that pantry did different categories. I liked hers as well.

  8. Oh! I love the new look! In our new home we will have a open style, walk in pantry and I hope to incorporate cool jars and baskets or containers to make it look neat and organized. Way to go, it looks great!

  9. Wow! Your pantry looks amazing!
    As far as trash cans go, my mom once gave my brothers trash cans as Christmas presents, the giant outdoor kind with lids. Those were probably their favorite gifts ever. The cans were forts, used as toy storage, they would drag each other around the house in them…seriously, the best gift ever 🙂

  10. fabulous! we have bins too. i need to re organize and finally label everyone. and dunp out the old crackers and stray cereals. i’m feeling pretty inspired again. thanks for sharing.
    cute bins.

  11. Awesome job! I love when things are neat and tidy. It gives so much freedom! I have to say the thing that caught my eye even more than your pantry was the amazing rolling pin over it. Where did you get it? I am in LOVE!!

  12. The internet goes down and the pantry gets done…you know Jason may just starting making the internet go down if you keep this up. Drake was looking a little scary in the picture with his vampire teeth hanging out! I do love his camo shoes though. Oh and the pantry looks good too 🙂

  13. Laurie: where in WM did you find the cloth bins? I purchased several of these a while back at WM for our entry closet and such and can’t find them in WM any longer. Did they move them in the store from the usual place you’d expect to find them?

  14. Heather – I LOVE my rolling pin too. I got it a while ago on Clearance from Pottery Barn.

    After I paint my kitchen (color still undecided) I’m going to put “I kiss better than I cook” in vinyl lettering under the rolling pin! I can’t wait. 😉

    Cathy – about the cloth bins at Wal-Mart. My WM was out of them. The clerk said that they’re not an item they stock regularly; they get them randomly. So I went to a Wal-Mart in a “swanky” part of town that usually is better stalked and they had them.

    I found them next to the hangers, ironing boards, etc. The red tubs are actually dish drying bins in the kitchen section with all the kitchen tools.

    Thanks for all the support Ladies!! This was such a spare of the moment thing and I’m relieved it turned out so well.

  15. This looks great! Way to go!
    And I have to say that I loved that pantry the first time I saw it too!!!
    YAY for getting the organizing bug!

  16. I am such a planner and not so much of a doer. For the past 2 years I have been meaning to convert my coat closet in to the pantry and the pantry/laundry into a mud room for the coats. That might sound crazy, but you’d have to see it. I hope your beautiful pantry will spur me to action! What a rewarding project. You did it in one day?

  17. I just saw this tip on the tip junkie site and had to look. Your pantry looks great! I am also a fellow DFW resider.

  18. You really inspired me. I have just finished re organizing my pantry using this idea. I really love your blog!

  19. Wow… you even painted! That is so inspiring! I have before pics of my pantry ready to go on my blog, but the after pics haven’t happened yet. =) I am ready to tackle the project and go to Wal-Mart for Bins!

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