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Messy Pants!

Drake is now officially eating food. Yeah! However, this long awaited struggle has come with a down side.

Needless to say cheetos are now banned from the house. And this handprint is in my bedroom! As you can imagine my walls are a mess and my floor is worse. I had forgotten how messy toddlers are. So today I spot cleaned my carpets and touched up the paint in the house. Again!

When I was getting ready this morning, Drake picked up his brush and the hairspray and tried to do his own hair. Too funny! He cleans up pretty well don’t you think. 😉 (He LOVES to get this hair done.)

One of the perks of high functioning autism (for Davis, not me) is that he has the most amazing memory. Over the weekend he asked if we could get the Matchbox Hero City out of the attic. What!?! He got this when he was 5 years old. It’s been so long since I’ve seen this I had to check 2 attics before I found it. Now he’s on a rampage to find the cars that go with it. Good Luck Davis, I think I might have donated them. {{oops}}

While I was combing the attics I found the Surprise Box that has the Blue’s Clues toys in it. Drake is a Blue’s Clues FANATIC!! I’m not exaggerating. He’s been in hog heaven playing with his Handy Dandy Notebook, play house, books, and toys. Lucky me!

4 thoughts on “Messy Pants!

  1. Oh, I can’t believe how big he is! You are too funny. Your version of a messy house is most people’s normal. I was there the other day and you were complaining about the spots on your carpet. WHAT SPOTS!? It looks great!

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