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Valentine’s Dance

Last night was the Anual Valentines Dance at church. It’s the only time that we get to forget we’re adults and kick it old school.

We got down to YMCA…

got our groove on…

and sweat to the Cotton Eye Joe!

There wasn’t however, any rule about keeping your distance or your lips to yourself 😉 Way to go, RO!

Lisa was in town so I talked her into being my date and we had a great time letting our hair down! We got there late and missed the Thriller dance off between a friend of mine and an unsuspecting guy on the dance floor. It’s was like being 14 all over again, complete with old folks glaring at us for being rowdy.

I was amazed at how many songs there were to line dance to. Lisa and I are anti line dancing. Lisa because if she can’t look the best she doesn’t participate and me because I don’t conform.

What about you…line dancer or non-conformist??

8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Dance

  1. Tee hee hee! I saw you coming and told Greg to pretend to make out with me. But then we realized, Hey! we’re married! We can make out for real! 🙂 Great pictures. The music was not so much, but it was still fun.

  2. Haha that looked like fun! My parents went to the Valentines dance down here.. You havent emailed me back slacker! 🙂


  3. You part-tay animal you!

    Looks like a blast.

    I miss you and keep missing your phone calls! FYI, my cell is acting up… I’ll call you today.

  4. just curious why your dh didn’t go instead of Lisa? Is he a non-conformist as well (or stayed home with the boys)?
    I myself can handle a teensy line dancing- but a full night, uh no.

  5. Mique – Too funny you noticed. My man isn’t a dancer. I know – how I married a man that doesn’t dance I’ll never understand. This year the dance was on a Friday and so we couldn’t go out to dinner ahead of time with our group of friends. That was a deal breaker for my man and he opted to stay home and play Guitar Hero III with the boys instead.

    He was missed but Lisa is also a great date! Next year you’ll be able to see all the fun pictures of us making out! he he

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