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Valentine’s Day Celebrations

My man doesn’t get enough love on my blog, poor guy! He planned a double date for us with some friends for Valentine’s Day. Jason arranged for us to eat at Del Frisco’s steak house. Yummy!! I always feel so grown up when I eat at a swanky restaurant.

Oh well, I guess not grown up enough! he he We had the best time: great conversation, great food, and great company. Thanks honey!

Valentine morning I made the boys pancakes (even though I was so tired!!) and gave them their sweet treats. They got watches. Davis was so busy programming his, he wouldn’t look up for a picture. Needless to say they loved it!

I found these awesome Ring Pop Valentines and they were a hit. Here’s Dylan’s class posing for a picture.

Dylan’s Valentine

I don’t know about your boys, but mine won’t tell me a thing about their love life. So every year, I buy 2 extra sets of chocolates and let the boys know that they’re welcome to give it to their “Valentine” if they’d like to.

Dylan’s Valentine

Every year they take me up on it. This is how I find out who they’re crushing on. (sneeky I know) It’s nice to know that my boys have such great taste in girls. I met both their Moms at the party and I approve. 😉

Davis got a little crazy with the camera at his party. He took this picture of me and Drake.

I finally found out what happened to Dylan’s 100 day project. He told me that his teacher let all the other kids take theirs home but he didn’t get to.

I was a little worried with all the problems we’ve been having. However, I was delighted to find out that our 100 eyeballs are now on display. This was such a wonderful thing for him!

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Celebrations

  1. It looks like you had a great Valentine’s Day.

    Sweet picture of you and your Sweetie.

    Gotta love how you can cut it up at a ritzy place! {grins}

    I love the sneaky ‘I have some extra chocolates…’ That’s awesome!

    And the picture of you and your baby man is totally gorgeous!

    Can you tell that I loved your post? 🙂

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