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Weekend Update

We had a good weekend. 2 basketball games for the boys, a double date with friends, and an easy going Superbowl party. The boys had so much fun dressing up like girls, playing the Play Station, and hanging out with friends.

Dylan and I made his Valentine box for school. I just purchased a box from Michaels, had Jason cut a hole in the top (a requirement), and then I bought a wood “D” and glued it on as a handle.

I let Dylan pick out the paper (big mistake – neon red) and then I had to talk him into getting Spiderman stickers to make it more “manly”. I think he did such a great job decorating it. He’s beaming with pride. 😉

With the new year came new teachers at church. They all got amazing ones and so I feel very fortunate. Davis’ teacher made him a binder that he should bring to church each Sunday along with his scriptures. You wouldn’t think this would be a problem, but it has caused some logistical issues.

Therefore, I decorated these 3 totes for each boy for their own books, markers, etc. to take to church. Problem solved.

I’ve had this project in my head for months. I’ve got such a sweet tooth!! So, I wanted a “candy shelf” to go under my Refreshments board in the media room. Jason cut the wood to make a box and I painted it black. Easy!

What’s your favorite kind of candy? I’ll have it all stocked when you come over for a movie night. {{giggle}}

11 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. You nut! That would be SO gone if it were in my house. Not my kids. ME! No self-control. So, what’s our next show?! 😉

  2. fabulous church bags! i should do that for my herd. they all need a new one.

    and love his valentine box! that is awesome and very manly!

    and holy cow love your refreshment display. so cute. how do you keep the boys out of it? I’d have to hide it and only get it out for company.

    super fun weekend and very productive! FABULOUS!

  3. I have no self control when it comes to candy either. That’s why I gave it up for one of my New Years resolutions.
    Such a great idea about the church bags! AND what a cute box. The D as the handle just makes the whole thing. Great job! You sure got more done than I did!!!

  4. you need some rolos in there for me! awesome shelf.. love that idea.. but it wouldn’t last long at my house!

    awesome bags.. very cute..
    you have to make your own vday box.. thanks for reminding me to get one sent in for my madison’s class.

  5. You have such great ideas. The box is just adorable and very many with Spiderman. 😉 I love the church bags and the refreshment shelves. Too fun! I love Almond Joy, btw.

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