Karma Hates Me

Tonight was supposed to be our ‘Emma’s Garden Party’ that I’ve spent way too much time planning and preparing for. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not an organically creative person. I have to achieve step 1 before my creative brain opens up to other possibilities. Therefore, after seeing the church gym on Wednesday morning, I was finally able to finalize the decor plans in my head.

That of course meant cutting out this paper fence, and since I couldn’t find any microphone stands, making and painting stands out of wood. Needless to say I was up until the wee hours preparing for what would have been an amazingly spiritual “girl power” evening full of beauty and grace.

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but basically we cut sage green plastic (from a roll) as the “charger” and placed a paper doily at each place setting. The flowers are pen flowers that each guest will be able to take home with them. What’s missing are the quote bookmarks from past Relief Society Presidents that will go at the top of each place setting to finish the look.

Thanks Jen and Carrie for all your help!

Here’s the stage that’s made of trees, flowers, my wood stands with tulle fabric and lights. We also swagged lights around the gym and added smaller plants to warm it up.

Remember those desert spoons I glued flowers on?

Well, because of my constant battle with Karma the party was cancelled. (Seriously she hates me).

My man and the boys helped me clean it all up and this is what the gym looks like now. Thanks Honey! I appreciate all your help. He even took us to Starbucks for hot chocolate to help wash away my woes.

It really is a bummer that the night was cancelled but what’s worse is all the time I took preparing for an evening that didn’t happen. I hate wasted time.

23 thoughts on “Karma Hates Me

  1. I am so sorry- It looks like you got the storm that they said we were going to have, but did not get!
    Will you reschedule?
    It looked wonderful-

  2. It really looks amazing! You did a great job! What a bummer you had to just take it all down again! I was sad it was cancelled. Are they going to reschedule? Hope so! Who would have thought…snow…in Texas…in March! Crazy!

  3. What a bummer sis!!! Everything looked so beautiful!!! Are you going to be able to reschedule???

  4. I don’t know if they’re going to reschedule. I doubt it, everything is planned out for the year already.

  5. WHY DIDN’T IT GO DOWN? A little snow isn’t a good enough reason to cancel something you worked so hard to put together! (I live in Idaho and it was 6 degrees today.) It looked fantastic! I hope you have more help putting it up if it gets rescheduled! Hugs!!!

  6. I am so sorry it got cancelled- you did a great job with the decorations! It’s so crazy how everything just shuts right down here in Texas with just a little bit of snow- these Texans have not idea what a real snow storm is- life does go on with snow!

  7. I can’t believe that you had to pull down all those awesome decorations!! That’s so sad that all your thought, time and hard work was for naught. They really should re-schedule it! I’m sure they can squeeze it in, even if they have plans for the rest of the year. There is no way that they should just waste your time and efforts. Come here and do it for us! joanne x

  8. Oh Laurie, that totally sucks. SOOOOO sorry. I really hope you’re able to use it again. It would be such a waste.

  9. When the snow started to fall, my thought first turned to you and I wondered if all that creative and hard work would be wasted. I’m so sorry, but at least I for one can testify to how lovely the evening WOULD have been!
    Great work and I’m so terribly sorry!

  10. oh…i am soooo sad for you! i would of been heart broken. i hope you get to reuse those beautiful decorations. i can’t believe it was cancelled. oh… i feel so sad.
    you are wonderful. and tell jason, he is a great husband to be there for you that night.

  11. OHHHHH NOOOO! I think I would have been a bit teary! I know you put so much time in it- All or nothing kind of girl!

    I hope you will be able to use all of the wonderful things you made!

    Mean Karma!

  12. I would seriously be so bitter. I can’t believe you went to all that work AND THEY CANCELLED IT. Lame. Very, very lame.

  13. Thanks for all the love ladies. Being able to blog about it and show at least you guys – made me feel better about it.

    I am a bit teary this morning, but I think it has more to do with Aunt Vera about to visit. (We also have a love/hate relationsihp.) Hugs to all of you and your support. It’s so appreciated!

  14. THAT IS TERRIBLE!! I AM SO SORRY! Just because of the snow?!?! We would never go anywhere if that was the case! It’s not like people had to go THAT far- they should have had it anyways!! SORRY!!! It looked beautiful!!

  15. Laurie, is it cracking you up that people just don’t get how snow works (or doesn’t work) down here? A lot of rage comments about our snow aversion here! We just don’t drive in snow because we don’t know how (and the road crews aren’t out).

    If it helps, I have a lot of appreciation for the hard work you did. It did look very pretty! I liked the white picket fence– do I even want to know how many hours it took to do that?

    Thanks for your effort!

  16. NO WAY!!!!!!!! oh wow.. that is so sad.. so sorry! that is just sad… I hope you kept everything and they will reschedule it!

  17. That really sucks(sorry there’s no other way to put it). If it’s any consellation it looked wonderful!

  18. Cancelled Night. Bad Karma. and all – I’d still do it all over again for you! You’re right, the pictures don’t do it justice! The place was SO pretty… and I couldn’t wait to get there that night to enjoy it all. Thanks for all you did… and it had BETTER be rescheduled!! I’m sending an email to the Pres now!

    I wish it hadn’t been cancelled… the roads weren’t bad that night – I headed to Arbys because I was SO fixed on NOT cooking dinner that night. A little snow wasn’t going to get me in the kitchen!

    {{p.s. and I had no idea that you MADE those stands! You are amazing… and I just need to hang out with you more so it can rub off on me.}}

  19. ahh! bummer. i can’t believe it was cancelled. it looked incredible. after all that work?! i totally feel for ya.

  20. NO WAY?!?!? I really can not believe that a little snow canceled such a beautiful night. I was happy to read though, that it was rescheduled. We had a garden party this month as well. It was nice but boy, you know how to throw a PAR-TAY! Plus our entertainment was pitiful! Check out my blog to see!!!!

    BTW, I’m glad that you finally have a diagnosis for Dylan. Your spirit and attitude is great. Your kids are truly blessed to have such a great mom who will be their “momma bear” every step of the way! (Your Momma bear post is a favorite of mine!)

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