New Products on Executive Homemaker

I’ve been crazy busy organizing these new products for the only daughter I’ll ever know, Executive Homemaker. She’s my “baby” of sorts and unlike my boys: she does what I tell her, wears what I want her to wear, and doesn’t {usually} talk back.

She is a little high maintenance but I enjoy the creative time we have together. Anyway, here’s just a taste of some new products you can find on Executive Homemaker.

Girl hair accessories by Lilliana’s

Hand painted canvases by Doodle Design Shop (tons more to upload)

Crocheted beanies by Noggins

Crocheted precious stones by The Pink Armadillo

All these products are so reasonably priced. Be sure to spread the word and support these Mom-prenuers on Executive Homemaker!

2 thoughts on “New Products on Executive Homemaker

  1. I wish my daughter liked wearing hats (I wish it was cold enough in SD to wear hats) because those Crocheted beanies by Noggins are really cute! I will make sure to visit Executive Homemaker.

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