Today I am Quiet

“Today I am quiet, my mom understands. She gave me two ice creams and then we held hands. We went to the movies and then had a bite. I cried just a little and then felt alright.”

That’s my mood today. Even though I have had so much fun with guests, I’m having Tip Junkie redesigned and it’s going so well, and I’ve just uploaded 4 new Mom-prenuer’s products to Executive Homemaker. I feel down and a little blue. I took a 3 hour nap this evening and am feeling a little better. 😉

I’m sure it has something to do with the 9 guests I’ve hosted over the past 4 weeks. The stress of Davis’ new expander’s which is making life a little difficult. As well as the anticipation of Dylan’s doctors appointment this Thursday.

I’ve read some beautiful posts about your children the past several days and it’s really encouraged me. I love hearing how wonderful children are and the joys they bring into your lives. Even though our roller coaster is on a decent, I find great comfort that it won’t be long until we have our hands in the air and are screaming with delight.

Credits: I got that cute poem from a children’s book by Jamie Lee Curtis called “Today I Feel Silly” and the boys love it. (I have lots of social skills and feeling type books.)

9 thoughts on “Today I am Quiet

  1. Hosting can be so draining, as much as you love them and as much fun as you have. I am glad that you had a nice nap– probably did you more good than you realize right now.

    The best things about these roller coaster rides is that the Lord always has us strapped in. ☺

  2. I’m not sure what I was going to say. I got distracted. Aurora’s comment about being strapped in made me cry. That is such a beautiful and true thought.

    Hang in there. Sometimes the only place to go is up! Thank goodness.

    Oh, and Blogapalooza is SOON! That’s refreshing news right?!?!?

  3. Aurora – What a beautiful and encouraging perspective. Oh so true.

    Thanks for the reminder. I adore you and feel so grateful that we’ve connected through blogging though we live 5 min away from each other. 😉

  4. Laurie, it sounds like you have a ton going on. Wow.
    Thanks for your post, it makes me feel less alone. Sometimes if I allow myself to think of all the approaching doctors appointments and everything going on right now, I have a break down, but I know it’s doable, others like you do it, so there is hope. Thanks.

  5. That is one of my little girls’ favorites. She has always kind of been in touch with her feelings – even when she was barely walking – but already talking! And yes, it IS tiring to host guests! Bless your heart for hosting that many in that short of time!

  6. I’m sorry you are blue….I have def. had those days. You hang in there! Your bloggy friends are here for you.

  7. I love that book, it validates the right to feel different ways! My favorite Roller Coaster quote is:

    “Life is like a roller coaster. It goes up and down, makes you scream, and costs alot to ride.”

    I know, not nearly as uplifting as Aurora’s comment, but it made me laugh at a time in my life that was very hard, when I felt very “quiet.”

    PS I treated myself to a yummy Baskin Robbins shake yesterday and ate it quickly in the car before I had to share it with anyone! Ice cream works!

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