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Drakie, Drakie, bo bakie!

I found this shirt and had to get it. “My parents are exhausted.” No doubt, my little guy.

Drake is a stubborn little guy that pretty much refuses to speak. He cries, points, and makes weird noises to demonstrate what he wants. (Notice the fake cry in the picture.)

His absolute favorite thing to watch is Blue’s Clues. Drake can say “Bu Cu” (blues clues), “Dar” (star), “Kirkle” (cirlce), “Quare” (square), and “Matenta” (Magenta) along with a couple other words.

Yes Ladies. Drake can say “Magenta” not “milk” but magenta!

I’ve decided that he is a very deceptive little guy. We’ve been having the hardest time getting him to share. I keep telling myself that it’s age appropriate and be patient.

Well! One day we were having a play date and he brought me 2 Capri Suns to open. I thought it was weird but I opened them both up and then followed him to see what he did with them. He drank one and gave one to this cutie pie!

You could have pushed me over with a feather, I was so shocked! What?!? He knows the concept of sharing and kindness!

Every morning starting at around 8 am, Drake starts asking “Bye bye?” It is a constant question followed with “Shoes?” and knocking at the door. He’s even started saying ” C’mon” and taking me to his shoes.

You need to understand that he doesn’t actually like shopping or having me leave him at play dates. He just wants the car ride. Which of course, can’t be too long or too short.

Today he did it again. We have 2 “thinking chairs”, one is downstairs and the other is upstairs in the media room. A new play date arrived and sat in his thinking chair. Instead of the normal throwing a tantrum followed with pushing and pulling, he went upstairs and threw his other chair down the stairs. Then he pulled it right next to John and sat in it quietly and happily.

All I have to say Drakie, is “Dude, I am on to you!” He totally, knows way more than he’s letting on.

Since Drake has made a couple attempts at potty training, I took the oportunity one morning to teach the boys how to change a diaper. All things considered it went well. However, they’ll need a couple more lessons before they’ll graduate from the class.

10 thoughts on “Drakie, Drakie, bo bakie!

  1. Like I said on your sisters blog, I totally bought that shirt for my kid. It definitely sums up my life.

    Drake is such a cute kid! Even if you are exhausted!

  2. I love the T-shirt and loved that you showed the boys how to change a diaper…they got to learn someday right???
    Drake is such a cutie pie!

  3. Today my little guy is wearing a shirt that says, “Hello – My name is Trouble”
    Drake is such a cutie…. he’s got you, hook, line and sinker! 🙂

  4. love the shirt we have it too! I’m loving the big kids helping with diaper changing. my 8 year old begs to do it. the I’d love to jar helps too. (jar with treats, for saying i’d love to, and actually doing the chore) LOVE IT!

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