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Herbal Wash Kitchen

When I’m stressed out I paint. It doesn’t take a psychologist to figure out that when I’m faced with challenges I can’t control, I change something I can control. Like the color of my kitchen.

I hired a lady who does murals to come over and consult me on the color and I painted it on Tuesday. I’m not exactly thrilled with the finished look. However, I’m just going to live in it for a while and make curtains for the breakfast nook before I take drastic measures.

Breakfast Nook: Before

Breakfast Nook: After

Pantry Area: Before

Pantry Area: After (I still need to hang my rolling pin – it’s too heavy for me to do it alone.)

Family Room View: Before

Family Room View: After

What do you think? Honestly.

19 thoughts on “Herbal Wash Kitchen

  1. So hard to tell from a picture. I’ll have to come over and check it out. I love that you go for it, though. I think it’s so sad when people just sit in a house they don’t like because they can’t commit to anything. I think the green is probably really cute. That was a good color choice, given the layout and colors in the rest of your house.

    So sorry the appointments went so badly for Davis. UGH! What a bummer. I hate days like that. I’ve so been there.

    Thanks for the sweet bbq post. I’m so glad you had a great time. Yeah!

  2. I can’t tell from the picture either. I wish I was like you. Painting seems so overwhelming to me.

  3. The picture that shows the color the best, I think, is the pantry one. And to me it looks very nice. Fresh and cool. Love the way your accents look on it.
    Sorry you’ve had a bad week. Here’s to a better weekend. ♥

  4. It’s beautiful, in my opinion!
    I love it.

    And I love that you have so much energy. You are a hero of mine!!

  5. The color is pretty. And it gives your kitchen a wholesome atmosphere. So… is that honest enough foryou?

    I can’t believe you know Rochelle. I must have missed the connection at blogapalooza. I’m really SLOW apparently. Love her.

    And the BBQ looked like so much fun.

  6. I think it looks very classy. Good for you that you paint. I gave up last time and hired somebody. LOVED meeting you at Blogapalooza!

  7. It seems like different colors in all 3 pictures…I like the color by the pantry the best. You’ll have to make the color darker as it gets lighter in your house or never open the blinds 🙂 Honestly, I think looks great, but more importantly it made you feel productive and in control. Way to be!

  8. I like it! Are you going to put the vinyl lettering under the rolling pin wit the saying “I kiss better than I cook”????
    What do you do with the kids while you are painting??? That’s the biggest problem I find whenever I want to paint.

  9. As a fan of most shades of green, and having green on most of our walls, I say…it’s beautiful!

    Live with it for a bit and see what you think.

  10. I like the color! Next time you’re stressed do you want to come help me paint my house…I’m having a terrible time making decisions…ughhhh!

  11. I think it looks nice. I like green as you can see in my own abode.

    Sorry it has been a crazy week. I sure missed you at bookclub.

  12. Looks great! BTW, I love your round table! I have always wanted a round table that sits 6 to 8.

  13. I think it looks nice…..but I also think you have a big personality that can handle more of a pop of color! I love greens with the black furniture…..what about an apple green, then blending to a more neutral color for the living area? Now you know why I hired someone from Devine Color to do mine. 🙂

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