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Davis’ Award

Davis has officially passed 3rd grade. It was a doosy! Thank goodness for his amazing teacher and ALL that she did for not only Davis but also for Dylan. We wouldn’t have made it without her.

Drake was a stinker during the awards ceremony and felt like he needed to run around and entertain all the kids.

Davis’ teacher really made the class feel like a special group of kids and they became a tight knit group. For their awards ceremony, all the kids voted each other fun awards. Since Davis “stems” by humming and singing, they gave him the American Idol Award.

This meant so much to me because Davis’ teacher turned something that could be very embarrassing and annoying into something fun and unique to Davis. He was so excited to get the award. I joked around with him and told him it was his “white ticket to Hollywood”. He loved it.

Thank you to all the special teachers out there who make a difference in our kiddos lives. Bless you and I hope you have an amazing summer. You deserve it!

9 thoughts on “Davis’ Award

  1. love the new look. & congratulations to davis… it sounds like she is really a wonderful teacher!

  2. what cute boys. Drake looks like he is up to something. Maybe he is “in-ka-hoots” with my boys.

    SO cute… but take you vitamins, here we go!

  3. Love your new look! I have four sons and third grade was the hardest for all of them. So quite an accomplishment for Davis (and Mom). Have a happy day!

  4. That is way awesome! It is sooo nice to have a willing and helpful teacher for your kids, makes the school year go by!
    Also, loved your last day of school activity. I need to plan something fun like that for my tykes last day too!

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