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We woke up Friday morning to reinforcements!! YAY! Lisa drove up and stayed 2 days with us. We were all so excited we started out the morning dancing in the kitchen. OK – no one was more excited than I was.

We spent Friday shopping, eating, and watching movies.


Lisa’s on a total landscape kick right now and Saturday she talked me into doing a project. I’ve had the hardest time keeping my walkway in the back yard weed free. I’m out there frequently pulling weeds to no avail.


See! It’s completely awful and I can’t keep up with it. Grrr.

So we got busy and shoveled, racked, and pulled up all the weeds! We even pulled up the plastic barrier so my gravel walk way will now be a grass walk way.

It was back-breaking work!

Even Drake got into it.



When we were done, we drove around for 2 hours and 5 different stores to find St. Augustine sod to buy and lay down to complete our project. No such luck, everyone was sold out! Who knew grass would be such a hot commodity. {{bewildered}}

Thanks so much Sis! You’re always up for a project and I love that. My backyard walkway is now one last thing I have to worry about thanks to you. {{hugs}}

13 thoughts on “Reinforcements!

  1. wow! That looks great. I wish Lisa were my sis… but then she’d have my crazy family, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. 😉

  2. Your yard looks so good! That is fun that your sister came to help! Yard work is always a bit nicer when you can party a little!

  3. Looks great! YOu are inspiring. I always leave that outdoors stuff for the hubby, and then wait and wait for it to get done.

  4. You girls look so much alike. I never really thought that before, but seeing you with your faces so close I definately can tell you are from the same gene pool. 🙂 Lucky you! I think it’s great that you are so close. I definately wish I was that way with my sisters.

  5. It’s going to look so great once you get the grass down! What did Jason say when he got home? It was so fun, I missing coming up as often as I used to…stupid job.

  6. what a great sis! i am so happy to see you guys just having so much fun together. i didn’t want her to move out of az but when i read all these wonderful things that you guys do, i am so glad she is nearby you to create such great memories.
    yard looks great. great idea!

  7. I’m feeling so guilty and lazy. My sis and I didn’t do anything but lay by the pool.

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