Tip Junkie Birthday & Giveaway

***To all bloggers who want to promote their blog***

Tip Junkie turns one next week and I am looking for several bloggers to participate in a huge giveaway, with 5 winners.

If you’re interested, simply decide what you want to giveaway and send me the details. I’ll host it on Tip Junkie but have them refer to your blog to pick out a favorite product or get a “secret code”. {{sneaky}}

Here’s an example of the Mother’s Day Giveaway which received 215 comments. I know – totally exciting!

I’m so looking forward to next week and can’t wait to see who participates! {{giggle}}

2 thoughts on “Tip Junkie Birthday & Giveaway

  1. Laurie,

    I’d LOVE to donate some stuff for your giveaway. Give me a day to think about what exactly, and I’ll shoot you an email sometime tomorrow. Do you need 5 of the same thing?? I’m thinking something patriotic.

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