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Girl Get Away

Chanda and I left our families behind and spent the weekend at the Covered Bridge Inn scrapbooking retreat.

It was such a cozy place to leave the summer stress behind.

Needless to say – we had a BLAST!

You might think this is just a door…

Oh no! It doubles as a book shelf!

Everyone there lugged in all their boxes and containers full of scrapbook supplies and embellishments.

Me? I brought my laptop and successfully completed 2 Shutterfly books – 200 pages and 444 pictures. Top that.

Here’s Chanda creating her pages which I call modern artwork. They’re beautiful!

We were fed 3 times a day with a 3:00 snack of homemade cookies and chips & salsa. The food was seriously so yummy! It was my kind of food – comfort.

It was so great not needing to leave the house to eat or filling up on junky fast food and feeling heavy later.

We even relaxed in the hot tub late one night, told stories, and laughed.

I fell in love with these chip board books. Aren’t they so cool.

This one says I Heart You. Fabulous!

This is a popsicle invitation. Seriously, so cute.

It was a fabulous weekend. Thanks Chanda for all the laughs and good times. It’s exactly what I needed to recharge!

Too bad I came home to this. {{grumble grumble roar!}}

I think it’s time my family realizes that, “If mama aint happy. Aint no one happy.”

19 thoughts on “Girl Get Away

  1. Looks like FUN – I totally wish I could make time for that kind of an outing! I’m seriously thinking of switching to the digital scrapbooking too! FYI…I have my savings site up and running now – thought you might want to check it out – jensupersaves-dot-blogspot-dot-com
    I tailor it to the super savers in the DFW area!

  2. What a fun weekend! Loved those beds too! So cute! Glad you got a weekend off and they fed you too, can’t beat that- good times for sure!

  3. Wow, it looks like you had a great time. That would be so fun to go and have a little retreat.

  4. I told Chanda that looks like an awesome retreat…my bestie and I just did an 8 hour scrap at Archiver’s and it wasn’t anything like that! Fun, none the less but there were no hot tubs or mid day snacks. {tee-hee} 😉

  5. How fun!
    Drake’s picture at the end just cracks me up!
    Sorry, I know it’s not funny, but he is too cute!

  6. oh… those last couple pixs are hilarious!! it’s tough when you have been on a retreat to come home to life with kids!! glad you had a great time!

  7. That is seriously the best idea…a scrapbooking get-a-way! How fun! I would love to go somewhere like that…you’re very lucky to have friends to share your craftiness with!

  8. I love love love the Covered Bridge! We already have 2 weeks booked for next year!!! (including the weekend of my 40th b-day!!) It’s good for us mom’s to take some time for ourselves…good for you!

  9. Way to bring a laptop to a scrapbooking weekend! Is that your expensive makeup that Drake is covered in? Not cool!

  10. Yes Lisa!! That would be my makeup all over the floor and my other camera. Geeze that kid is killing me!

  11. That looks like a blast. I would LOVE to do something like that. I doubt it would ever happen in my busy crazy life but I will keep dreaming!

  12. THat looks like so much fun! I haven’t scrapbooked in years, and I’m real close to doing it via “internet” (C: since I’m so bad about printing my photos.

  13. Amen Sister! If momma ain’t happy nobody is happy 🙂
    It looks like sooo much fun.. other than the clean up of course 😉

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