Small World

I think I’ve mentioned the fact that Drake loves men. Anyone that’s of the male gender – Drake attaches himself to and will comfortably go sit on their lap, follow them around, and admire from afar. If you’re a girl – you’ll get no love from my little guy. (Unless your a tomboy like Lisa, then you’re in.)

So, we were at the pool a couple nights ago and it happened again. Drake found a surrogate daddy. I spent quite a while talking to Keri and David (a.k.a. surrogate) while kindly apologizing for my son’s sudden attachment to David. At one point David got up to get something and Drake wigged out. He didn’t want David to leave! {{geeze}}

Anyway, we ended up having a great time because Keri and David were so engaging and tolerant of our stalking nature. Well, it turns out that Keri is a blogger! Not any blogger but a “tip junkie” as well. She left me the kindest comment saying she googled my name and realized who I was. What a small world!

So I thought I’d be a polite blogger and introduce her to all of you. I hope you’ll welcome her with a kind comment like, “So sorry you were stalked by Drake. Poor guys.” {{giggle}}

A while ago, I mentioned that several members of Jason’s extended family blogged as well. Honestly, it made the reunion so fun and broke the ice immediately. Here is Tera and Amber. I’m really looking forward to keeping up with them via blogger.

I’m still trying to find Danielle’s blog – so girl stop lurking and leave a comment so I can find it. 😉

5 thoughts on “Small World

  1. I so can’t believe you hooked up with Keri!! She is one of my dearest friends and I miss her so much since we moved to Round Rock!! I am a bit jealous too that she got to meet you!! heehee….

    She and David have always been ‘toleratn’ of my stalking children as well.

  2. It has been on my to do list to update my blog (actually do anything with my blog) so that you can feature me or just mention me on tip junkie! If you are still willing to do that, just give me a couple of days to add some more artwork and get it looking better:)Also, I am still confused a bit on how blogspot works. So if you don’t mind, I might be asking you some questions along the way. Talk to you later..Amber

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