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Super Saturday

I’ve been busy getting sign up sheets and schedules ready for our Saturday Spectacular a.k.a. Super Saturday. Here’s a taste of what we’re doing.

Placemat purses you can use as gift bags.

24 Christmas Story Album

Family Name Board

Trick or Treat Board

24×24 Magnet Board

Temple Block

Here’s the poster I made displaying all the fun crafts.

The sign up sheets.

The schedule.

It should be a fun day! Are you left for wanting more? Here’s 60 craft/DIY ideas.

15 thoughts on “Super Saturday

  1. Melissa – Umm Yes!! I would love it if you came. It’s Saturday August 30th. Let me know if you’re serious and I’ll e-mail you a sign up sheet.

  2. Totally wish I was in the area so I could come…. I’ve been looking for a magnet board for a long time, and I thought about making one- but wasn’t quite sure. And now here it is, ready to be made!

    Love all the ideas. Wish we did “saturday spectacular” out here!

  3. I included the links to where I found them. Some have instructions – others you can purchase kits for.

  4. I so wish my ward did this. I still go to my old ward when they do theirs!!!
    You have got some fun projects and cute too!

  5. Found this in a google search for "gift bags" — love how you used placemats for these! (Linking to this post in my Walk Around Blog Land)

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