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Burgers Lake

This week, Rebecca arranged for us to go to Burgers Lake with the kiddos. Even though it was a little pricey and smaller than we thought, the kids never ran out of things to do!

The boys loved the large trapeze!

Here’s Dylan taking his turn. He couldn’t reach it, so the teenagers took turns helping him up on it.

The 20′ Slide and High Diving Boards were amazing!

Here’s Dylan getting ready to jump!

Way to go Davis!

Dylan making his way up the slide.

It had a sandy bottom which was fun and Drake absolutely loved it! Of course, I couldn’t convince him to play at the beach, so I could sit and chat. So we made our rounds and jumped off the little kids diving board, ran around, and mostly floated.

Jenni came too and it was wonderful reunion for the boys. Our boys have such a beautiful bond. Thanks Rebecca for planning our day we had an amazing time!!

3 thoughts on “Burgers Lake

  1. okay we need fun things like that here in arizona. i am green with envy all these water things you get to do. you know how much i love to jet ski and do anything in the water! that lake looks like a blast!

  2. WOW! I use to go there when I was growing up – and I haven’t thought of it since. Nice to know it’s still there and looks just as fun!!

  3. Hi Laurie. You don’t know me, but I found your blog through a friend of mine and I just wanted to introduce myself. (Tired of feeling like a blog-stalker!) Your dining room is beautiful. I don’t have a formal dining area, but my kitchen/dining/greatroom, is ‘Tavern Taupe’. Burgers Lake looks like such a great place!!

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