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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

This week Rebecca hooked us up with at tour at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. We arrived quite a bit early, so the kiddos finished the movie in the car while we waited.

Wendi and I swapped kids, because the don’t allow children under 6 years old. She got Drake and I brought her older 2 kiddos. I got the better end of the deal. {{giggle}}

IEAS mission is the care and welfare of its animal inhabitants, as well as educating the public about their needs.

We saw lions,

and tigers,

and bears. Oh my!

The inhabitants include bobcats, cougars, jaguars, leopards, lions, tigers, and bears among other species. As of April 2007, 58 felines and seven bears call IEAS home, with spacious habitats, pools and houses.

It was so cool and we had a really great time. As usual, thanks Rebecca for the awesome and educational excursion!

4 thoughts on “International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

  1. Ok, that place looks so cool. How do you find these places? I didn’t know we had that so close by.

  2. Rebecca did all the research. I’m not sure how she found it considering they don’t have an official address.

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