Mother of Boys

Say Cheese!

I finally got the boys pictures taken. The last photo session was so horrible, it’s taken me a year to convince myself to do it again!

I’ve been dreading it because the last time I left in tears the boys behaved so badly. The good news is this time was very different. Jason came home early unexpectedly and we all piled in for an impromptu session at Sears.

It has only taken me 9 years to figure out that when Daddy’s there – the boys behave! Our photo shoot was done in 15 minutes flat and I have lots of cute pictures as a result.

Needless to say, Daddy’s coming to every one from here on out! {{evil laugh}}

10 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

  1. I’ve always wondered how to get my husband to hold still for a family picture. Is your Husband available? {{Evil Laugh}}

  2. very handsome boys!! they take after good looking parents. picture sessions are soo hard, but always worth it down the road.
    very cute!

  3. whoohoo! those are DARLING! love the coordinated outfits! and whoohoo for dad coming and being a help! our dad comes and sometimes he’s a hindrance. OY!

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