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Thursday Happenings

Thursday I was invited to help out with a ‘feed the children’ project organized by another church and a friend. I was asked to bring cookies and a craft.

I choose to do face painting. It’s easy, cheap, and can accomodate the amount of children we were told to expect without running out of supplies.

We kept the options down to only 6 due to my lack of skills and to keep the decisions for the kids short.

Davis decided he wanted to help with the face painting and did an excellent job.

Dylan was in charge of the bubbles. It was such a wonderful experience for the boys and I to serve these children.

Davis took to it immediately and really understood our purpose in giving these kiddos a fun afternoon. However, Dylan was a little shell-shocked. Being my overly sensitive and compassionate child, he better understood the situation these kids are in and was a little overwhelmed. Once we got him a name tag and a job, he felt a lot better and was able to get into the swing of things and play with the children.

All week I’ve been preparing to host Mavens (girls game night) on Thursday and Book Club on Saturday. However, I kept receiving phone and e-mail cancelations. So as I always “create my own experience”, I decided to change it to Movie Mavens!

No need in having Jason and the kids gone for the evening, feeding, and trying to play a game with only a couple of us. We saw that Traveling Pants 2 movie and I was pleasently surprised. I really liked it. Top it off with a lemon icee and great conversation at Starbucks afterwards and you’ve got a great evening with girlfriends.

I’ll admit (only to you) that I was highly annoyed that all my preparations and food were for nothing. Good thing I’m hosting Book Club on Saturday or I would be majorly peeved. I got totally snarky and put a sign on my front door, “Mavens is cancelled to do lack of interest!”

Everyone had legit excuses but it’s a lot of work to have only 2 people able to come. As much fun as it would have been playing uno with Cheryl and Jenny, it’s not quite worth the 3-day prep fest. Luckily my galpal Lisa was able to come on short notice and Katrina ended up finding a babysitter.

The evening was saved and my house is still clean for Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Happenings

  1. I would have been irritated too but I think you did a great job making the best out of a crummy situation. Way to go!

  2. Laura,
    I enjoy reading your blog! I am a SAHM of 8 children. It is nice to see other SHAM’s blogs! I love tip junkie! too

  3. Looks like a fun girls night out! I think the feed the children thing looks so neat. That’s great to have your son help out and have experience serving.

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