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Dylan’s Indiana Jones Party

For Talk To Me Tuesday this week. Tip Junkie wants to know what my favorite post was in 2008. Well I would absolutely have to say it was this one! I had so much fun planning this party and the kids had a blast!

We celebrated Dylan’s 8th birthday Indiana Jones style! He picked such a fun theme and I was so glad that I found so many great ideas on the Internet.

As I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t find cheap Indy hats. So I spray painted these gangster hats brown. They turned out great! Dylan approved.

My mom used the Diego pan and made him into Indiana Jones. She covered a paper plate in icing for the brim of his hat. Brilliant.

She also made this skull cake and used edible glitter. Even the teeth are icing. They were both so yummy!

I made everyone little satchels so they would have something handy to fill with their treasure and other goodies found along the way. It doubled as their party bag. I basically used the Placemat Purse instructions in brown felt with minor changes.

With Halloween so close, it made the decor really easy. Skulls, snakes, spiders, and creepy things.

Dylan read different clues for our game which instructed the kiddos to go to different stations and find the idols in the end. The Doctor’s Wife did such an amazing job with the clues – I just used those. Thanks!!

Mummy Race – Self explanatory.

Archaeological Dig – I just put lots of fun things like candy necklaces, ring pops, gold coins, and several bags of rice for them to dig into.

Our airport hangar was outside where we did a Holy Grail Relay. I spray painted some cups and the boys filled them up from a cooler and then dumped it out and handed it to their team mate.

We skipped the 4th clue because the water grenades all popped from the sun. Drat! Next time I’ll hide them inside.

The lake was a blue plastic table cloth with a 2×4 board along the middle with water grenades all around it.

Here the kids had to reach into each bowl and find the idols. Which were spray painted army men. The snake guts was jell-o, the eyeball soup was grapes in water, and the monkey brains was spaghetti noodles.

Dylan loved all the presents he received. Thanks guys!

It was such a fun party and all the boys had a blast!

22 thoughts on “Dylan’s Indiana Jones Party

  1. I am totally impressed! Those cakes are awesome – your decor is spot-on, and the games?! Brilliant. I bet those kids were in heaven. AWESOME!

  2. Karen is so awesome with her cake decorating skills!
    And you are a great Mom for putting all that together!
    Way to go for both of you 🙂

  3. Ooooh, I’m such a heal! We totally spaced the party. I’m so very sorry. It looks like a ton of fun, J-man missed out. 🙁 Again, I’m so sorry I flaked.

  4. What a fuper cute party! I am so impressed!! You are to talented and creative. The decor is perfect and the little bags are brilliant! I bet everyone had a great time!

    ps. the cakes were amazing as well!

  5. Totally impressive! A perfect party for those boys. You really are great at all of the details. And I don’t know that I EVER would have looked at those gangster hats with your Indiana vision. Perfect. ☺

  6. How funny that I just made a comment about that on your other blog. Okay that is so what I did on my pirate one. . . clues and all. Would you mind sharing your whole scavanger hunt with me. I am sure I would have to modify. But it would be so much easier then figuring it all out by myself. SO bookmarking this one!

  7. Every detail of your parties are always amazing! I am so impressed.

    Where did you get the hats for the boys? I have a boy who wants to be Indiana Jones for halloween.

  8. I bookmarked this too. Really hoping that in the next year Connor will get into Indiana Jones so we can have this party!!!! You are amazing!

  9. I’m thinking that your son LOVED this! What a great party. Great decor, great treats, everything. I’m so impressed!

  10. Wow – it turned out GREAT! I’m going to have to keep this in the back of my mind (for a long time since I currently just have girls) – how fun!!

  11. Very impressive…the cakes look to nice to eat! I love all of it, every last detail. I bet the boys had a ball, you spoiled them! Way to go Laurie!

  12. Oh My Gosh that party looked awsome! I wonder how long until my kids go to a party like that and then realize what they are missing out on. LOL I need to get a little more creative! 🙂 Thanks for the ideas

  13. Oh My Gosh that party looked awsome! I wonder how long until my kids go to a party like that and then realize what they are missing out on. LOL I need to get a little more creative! 🙂 Thanks for the ideas

  14. This is such an awesome idea! My husband may be 25, but I think I might do this for his next birthday LOL!

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