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The Pitfalls of Play Dates

This is the little darling that I have the pleasure of a play date with every other week. She brings giggles and laughter and a light hearted nature to our hard-core testosterone filled house.

I absolutely adore this little girl and while she’s here, I pretend she’s mine. She laughs at my jokes, dances to my music, and giggles all the time. It’s wonderful.

However, last week there was a little spat on the stairs of the bunk bead and Drake pushed her off, ending in a bone fracture to her wrist.

I’m completely devastated and have been since it happened. I know it’s just an accident but I feel terrible that she got hurt while at my home. I’ll admit, I’ve shed many tears throughout the week. The thought that she won’t want to come back and play with me, um I mean Drake, is completely devastating to me.

I feel terrible that her mom has to deal with her in a cast {{hot pink – of course}}, I feel terrible that she got hurt and had to feel pain while in my home, and I’m desperately hoping she can forgive us and want to come back to play.

Thankfully, her mom is absolutely fabulous and doesn’t blame me nor harbor any hard feelings. I’m so grateful for her friendship. They are such an amazing family and I feel blessed to have them in our lives.

This event has consumed me a bit emotionally. I know that all is forgiven, but now I need to forgive myself.

2 thoughts on “The Pitfalls of Play Dates

  1. OK – you have SERIOUSLY got to stop blaming yourself for this! Kids are kids, and kids get hurt. It happens to all of them at some point. The fact that it happened at your house is just a coincidence. Maybe it’s better that way, because she had someone right there to love her and get her the help she needed, instead of at preschool or with a babysitter where the outcome may have been worse.

  2. huge bummer! i saw this the other day and spaced commenting. poor thing. but accidents happen. i always assume everyone knows playing at my house is an “at your own risk” deal. it could have happened anywhere.

    stuff happens to kids all the time. we’ve had kids break legs on our trampline. my kid broke a foot at Grandma’s off the bunkbed. split chins at Aunts houses. it happens. no one is at fault.

    even if you were sitting right there with them,following her around, it could have happened.

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