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Not Too Old To Dress Up

For Talk To Me Tuesday over on Tip Junkie we’re doing a show and tell. So here are a couple of the Halloween parties I attended this month.

I love the energy of Halloween and all the possibilities of what you can be for a day. This year we were invited to 4 Halloween parties! {{squeal in delight}} It made the entire month so much fun and filled with new friends and unforgettable moments.

Our neighbors threw a couples only party at our club house. Jason and I felt honored to be invited and it was so nice to actually talk to people without having to keep track of my toddler and keep him out of the street. I was able to conjure up a couple more play dates so it was most definitely a success!

The invitation read:

“Dare to Join Us?
Ghosts and witches are creatures of fright,
Don’t miss the call of Halloween night.
Come one, come all in the threads of the season;
If you miss this bash, ’tis an act of treason.
Be here by 6:30 and meet your fate;
Wear your wildest costume
And bring your tastiest date!”

You know I LOVE a great poem so I had to share it with you.

“The Dog and his wife” won best costume. {{of course, who can compete with inflatable knockers?}} There was also “Sick and Tired” which really cracked me up! They wore matching white bath robes and Sick had some green something dribbled over her shoulder. They have a two year old as well, so it was probably more true than we know. {{wink}}

We also met a couple who dressed up as jail birds. Come to find out they go to our Ward (church). Imagine my surprise as I was taking my class (the 3 year olds) to the bathroom and she walks in. {{surprise}}

Jason’s good friend and co-worker throws an insane Halloween party every year, which every year falls on the same day as our couples-only Halloween party. Every Year! This year I thought for sure it would be different but no such luck. So we decided to get the kiddos a babysitter and go enjoy their party without chasing kids around.

I really enjoy reconnecting with all of the people from work. Their wives are truly lovely and it’s an evening to catch up, eat amazing food, and swap parenting stories.

You wouldn’t believe the transformation they made! Holy cow, it made me want to go goth next year. I didn’t have rebellious teenage years – I don’t think it’s too late. Do you?

We were having so much fun at Phil’s party, we were a little late to the annual couples-only skit mandatory Halloween event. The party was in full swing as we arrived.

Leave it to Janae to get the party started right!

I was a little star struck when I met Sarah Palin. Man she’s tall!

I’m glad to see that some traditions never die, like the fat suit. Julie does such a funny “Asian American Cafe” impression, it was fun to see it in costume. Bravo.

Here’s a Jessica Simpson sandwich!

You can never have too much “Peace & Quiet”.

Drake would have loved the party, as Dora and Diego showed up.

Here’s the Wii fit skit.

Disco won the night as best costume.

This is the only picture of Angelina & Brad Pitt I have who won best skit. They came late and left early. Man, those kids they are so demanding. {{wink}}

Larry King and Sarah Palin’s interview was runner up. They nailed it!!

After the skits were over and our tummies were full, we let loose and danced the night away. It was such a fun night and my favorite year to date.

14 thoughts on “Not Too Old To Dress Up

  1. Oh, my goodness. You make the cutest Olive Oyl. And your Popey isn’t too bad himself!!! What fun.

    Kendon and I have never been to an adult party but I think it would be so much fun. Someday when I have a house big enough for parties (someday…sigh) I’m going to have to throw some killer parties to make up for lost time!!!!

  2. Ah, nice pic of me laughing my head off. But, I suppose that’s about the only kind of pic you were going to get of me, as that is ALL I DID! Good times.

  3. AWESOME!!! I can’t believe how many parties you went to! Looks like an awesome Halloween, y’all really know how to party!

  4. Are you tired?! I need a nap after just reading that post. But, then again, I need a nap most days right now anyway. (sigh) Love your Popeye and Olive Oil costumes. Too cute!

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