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Pumpkin Carving

October was jammed-packed with family bonding moments. I think that’s another reason it’s my favorite month of the year.

I found some insanely huge pumpkins this year and the boys were over-the-top excited to pick out their favorite face and start carving. The boys always choose a face to carve out.

This year Dylan has decided that he can do it all himself. {{sigh}} It’s just another sign the boys are growing up. There have been many recently.

This month Davis learned knife safety at Scouts and couldn’t wait to use his pocket knife again to construct his scary pumpkin.

I think they turned out amazing. Great job boys!

I’ll be honest and admit I’m not a fan of carving pumpkins. Nope, too messy and the stress of children with knives is too much. Thank goodness for fabulous plastic pieces. Grandma hooked us up with even more this year – so the creepy face possibilities were endless.

Drake stopped wanting to use a knife on the bigger pumpkins and came over to “potato head” the little ones. I’ll have to be sure to buy more smaller ones for him next year.

We creeped out the small pumpkins we got at the pumpkin patch and it was a good time had by all.

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving

  1. The plastic pieces are genius. I will have to try that next year, I think it would be more fun for my small children since they can’t really carve. Good stuff.

  2. Your hair is getting so long. It looks fab! I’ve never seen those plastic faces – AJ would love that. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them next year.

  3. I’m all over the potato head pumkins.

    Try the knives in the pumkin carving kits they aren’t really sharp just jagged and cut the pumpkin well.

    I’m going to have to remember to come look at your Halloween party post to get ideas for dressing up next year. Everyone looked great.

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