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Sweet Escape

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I’m still a bit in denial as I’m downloading fabulous traveling music onto my iPhone thanks to my Sister! Lisa hands down has the best taste in music. I’m loving her newest blog opener, “Gives You Hell”. {{too funny}}

I called her last night as I was walking home from a friends’ house and and we were both in rare form. We only talked for a couple minutes but in that time we laughed so hard I got a tummy ache. I think the reason I love being with my sister so much is because she has a talent of kicking out Mommy Laurie and bringing out me. Does that make sense?

The past several weeks, I’ve been so busy trying to fix problems, dealing with difficult people, trying to keep up with the demands of Tip Junkie, getting ready for Christmas, all the while making some major changes in my day-to-day life (more about that later). Needless to say, I’m a bit spent.

So huge shout out to my sister skiing in Utah! I miss you and thanks for the laugh last night. I know I can always count on you to make fun of me and give me the belly laughs. You’re the best!

Who’s the person in your life that breaks through your “mommy wall?”

3 thoughts on “Sweet Escape

  1. I am with you on that- my sis does make my belly laugh along with some of my closest friends too! This post made me miss my sis, who lives in Utah!!! I would give anything to be near her!
    Hope things slow down a bit for you and enjoy your turkey day!!!!

  2. We were in rare form, which is my favorite form! I’m glad I can bring out the fun Laurie cause she rocks my world!!

  3. my brother Aaron brings out the fun me. loud, laughing, over the top fun! it’s like we are little kids. it’s awesome.

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