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Keeping Christ in Christmas

A comment I read recently got me thinking more about the spiritual aspects of Christmas. So I thought that I’d pose the question over on Tip Junkie, “How do you keep the Christ in Christmas?”

This time of year it’s so easy to get caught up in the material aspects of gift giving. For me, it’s a constant conscious effort to bring traditions, books, movies, and stories into my home that focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I’m sure we could all use some new ideas.

Here are a couple of mine:

12 Days of Christmas with Nativity – Read the poem or story that corresponds with each piece.

Felt Nativity Hand Puppets – Not everyone has enough people or costumes to act out the Nativity. Using puppets is an alternative that you can do as a family or just let the kiddos play together.

A book a day – Wrap up 25 Christmas books and unwrap one and read it every night until Christmas. It’s a wonderful way to get have your children practice as well as get in the Christmas spirit.

8×8 Christmas Album – All you need is a red 8×8 album, 3 pieces of textured scrapbook paper, a red ribbon, a charm, 3 red small buttons, and brown ink pad and print out all the stories. Read one each day.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar – An advent is a way of marking the days until Christmas, start on December 1st and read the corresponding meanings for each symbol.

I’d love some more ideas! So head on over to Tip Junkie and join in the discussion. Simply compose a post answering the question and then copy and paste it into Mister Linky.

5 thoughts on “Keeping Christ in Christmas

  1. These are great ideas Laurie! I’m trying to implement new traditions and old ones borrowed from my family to keep Christ in our Christmas.

  2. Great ideas, Laurie! I was planning a “Christ in CHristmas” post, and now I have the idea solidified in my head. Thanks for the example.

  3. You have some great ideas. Would you like to submit this post as part of my 12 Weeks of Christmas carnival? Our last topic (Dec.22) is centered around this. I know my readers would love to hear some of your ideas.
    (There are prizes too)


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