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My mom came up over the weekend to lend us a hand. She was a HUGE help! She did some much needed grocery shopping, bought amazing stocking suffers, and did laundry.

Most importantly she brought some much needed positive energy into our home, took all the boys to a movie, and made TONS of Christmas cookies.

I think I can speak for everyone in our family when I say we were so grateful for Grandma’s visit. The boys had so much fun, Jason was so grateful for the help, and I was grateful for the service and the company. Thanks Mom! I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for our family in 2 short days.

Since Dylan still believes in Santa, I was really worried about the stocking suffers. I know it seems silly worrying about that in my condition. But it’s important to me to try and keep this Christmas as consistent as our others. It’s difficult.

In other news, Drake is now officially full force in a robot phase. He’s watching The Iron Giant, Zuthura, and playing with Davis & Dylan’s robots. I really wish he would be into things more age appropriate. Geeze this kid.

I had to take a picture of him playing with the Little People Nativity. It’s the only time he’s given any attention to little boy toys and it’s only because it plays music and lights up. Sadly he only played with it once.

He’s more likely to play with my cast-iron animal decorations than Little People. He totally cracks me up!

I’ve realized that Drake has the stubbornness of the Jason and I but with the sass of my side of the family. (Great combo, I can’t wait until he’s a teenager.)

My friends have been so wonderful to play date with Drake every day and last week when he got home he said, “I stay HERE!” Poor little guy. I guess the excitement of a new friend every day has worn off.

Also last week as I was walking hunch-backed like a 90 year old; he pushed my chest and said, “Stand up!” He’s had it as much as I have. {{sigh}}

5 thoughts on “Reinforcements!

  1. Dang – those cookies look goo-ood!

    So Drake was doing the hunchback thing yesterday. He kept fake-crying and saying “I hurt my back! I hurt my back!”. I know it’s not funny, but man, it was funny yesterday! He’s such a cutie pie.

  2. Too funny! He did that when my mom was here too. I kissed it better and then he asked to kiss mine better. I thought it was cute too.

  3. There is NOTHING like being taken care of by your parents! Moms are the best.

    AND…keeping the Santa thing alive is VERY important!

    Are you feeling better? Sending hugs and prayers your way.

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