I’m Just Not That Into It

Jason and I had our first date in months and went to see He’s Just Not That Into You today during the day. And yes, I sat through the entire thing! Whoohoo. I’m hurting a bit, but nothing a little Advil and lying down won’t fix.

I won’t give any spoilers but I guess I had higher expectations. I would give it 3 Stars. I guess I expected it to be funnier and lighter. They had one sequence in the movie that I think stumped the flow of it.

Forget all the promotion, it’s a “chick flick” NOT a date movie. My advice, see it with your girlfriends and then go to Starbucks and talk about all your ex-boyfriends. {{snicker}}

3 thoughts on “I’m Just Not That Into It

  1. oh I saw Taken…This weekend at 10:45 pm it was SOOO WORTH IT…and totally a wonderful date movie. glad to hear you are doing better.

  2. I agree with you on your review. Barry and I saw it and he didn’t like it that much either. I will say that we’re excited to see the new movie “Push” It looks awesome!

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