Mother of Boys

Partners in Crime

You know Mommy’s “not sweating the small stuff” when she agrees to let her boys dig for dinosaur bones in the back yard. 🙂

I totally remember trying to dig to China when I was a little girl in our sandbox in Arizona. I thought I’d let my boys have their memory as well. A couple days later it rained and Dylan was very concerned about the contamination of his archaeological site.

Since Mommy can’t bend, anything waist level and under the kids zone. Drake and his play date threw popcorn all over mommy’s room while watching a movie.

So Drake got his first lesson in vacuuming.

This little cutie is completely innocent, of course. 😉

The good news for me is that I no longer have to have my constant companion for the past 3 weeks, my back brace. I’ve started physical therapy and am getting a bit stronger every day.

9 thoughts on “Partners in Crime

  1. STANDING UP!!! Woohoo!

    You look fabulous. I’m glad that life is slowly getting back to normal.

    I love the boys digging for dino bones. I hope they find some great treasures!

  2. Yay! Although, you may want to keep the back brace if it gets you out of vacuuming. Maybe I want one…

    You also rock for letting the kids dig. Craig would divorce me I allowed that. But you are right – the memory is totally worth it.

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