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What’s your take on Toe Cleavage?

I was shopping online a couple weeks ago for a Valentine’s dress when I found these shoes. I ordered them and have been awaiting their arrival ever since.

When I opened them up, they were even more beautiful then I had expected. However, now I have another problem, they show toe cleavage. Ugh! Usually I have a strict policy against such a fashion no-no but I just adore them. Yes, leave it to something sexy to challenge my moral standards. {{snicker}}

(I’m not even going to be able to wear them for Valentine’s Day due to my surgery.) So should I keep them or take them back? What’s your take on toe cleavage?

18 thoughts on “What’s your take on Toe Cleavage?

  1. You and Chanda are total nuts. Toe Cleavage! HA! Now, if you were wearing white shoes with black tights to the dance, I’d freak. But TOE CLEAVAGE!? Such a non-issue.

    Meaning, I have too many issues to deal with to worry about that one.

    Plus, you look great in them, so just save them for after the dance. 😉

  2. I’m with you Laurie. I abhore toe cleavage. Though…with my abnormally HUGE toes, it is hard to find shoes that don’t show toe cleavage, so I do cave to my own rule and wear some toe cleavage shoes if the shoe is absolutely too cute to pass. So, I say you wear them, cause they are pretty dang cute!

  3. Cute shoes SO compensate for toe cleavage. Drives my sister batty, too, but I take a much more reasonable stance. Keep the sexy shoes!!

  4. Ha ha – you put the funny in today!

    Your shoes are sweet! If someone mentions your “toe cleavage” just tell them to avert their eyes!

    Too funny!

  5. I’ve never given it much thought before… but now, hmmm! Not sure if I like it or not. Probably don’t like it, but that’s only when I think about it.

    Thanks for giving me a little giggle. 🙂

  6. I love toe cleavage. Looks good. Keep ’em. Wear the cleavage with pride, you earned it baby. You have pretty, thin sexy feet

  7. I totally don’t ‘do’ toe clevage. I think it totally wrecks a beautiful pair of shoes. And it is so hard to find nice shoes that hide all your toes.

  8. Well, since you have beautiful skinny feet, a little toe cleavage is great-

    I heard the guys on a radio show once talking about how sexy it was!!? Anyway, since I have chubby feet, toe cleavage on me looks a little, well… R rated! 😀

  9. I have a pair of black heels that I absolutely LOVE!! They show lots of toe cleavage and I think that’s what I love about them. They just seem to make my feet look ultra-feminine and since I don’t show cleavage of any other kind, to me, it’s pure HEAVEN! Definitely keep them. So fun!

  10. I’m totally against cleavage period. People need to cover their stuff up! I do like the shoes though. I’m on the fence.

  11. i love the shoes and i think they look great on you. you definetly need to keep them.
    i have no idea about toe cleavage nor heard about it, but if it is a cute shoe, wear it.
    from reading this post, i realize i have broken all shoe rules. i wear all open toe shoes and don’t really care. that’s why you look more in fashion than i do. you actually pay attention to detail. but you are already beautiful, so it’s a bonus, everything you put on- works out.
    keep em.
    di (the di from az, i realize i’m in competition with another di)

  12. Those ARE cute! Bummer about the dance. They’ll still look hot in five months. 😉

    I HATE toe cleavage. That said, I have it almost everyday. With today’s shoe styles, it’s just to hard to avoid.

  13. i’m totally FOR toe cleavage since I don’t have any of the other cleavagte! Keep em. They’re sexy hot! 😉

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