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Oops!… He Did It Again

Oh yes he did! My dad got married this month to Peggy. The third time’s the charm with sweet Peggy. He’s not only in love with her, but her boys, and her power tools. Sounds like a good match to me.

Come on, you know I couldn’t let this event pass without poking fun at him a bit! {{bwaaah}}

Best wishes and happiness to them both.

4 thoughts on “Oops!… He Did It Again

  1. My, how things change. It just seems like yesturday you were living in Katy pregnant with Dylan.

    Okay, maybe it doesn’t seem like just yesturday. But still…how things change. I wish your Dad all the best.

  2. I know! It is so crazy to me to think about how things have changed and turned out. Who knew?

    I think my mom is getting remarried in June. That will be REALLY weird.

    I’m just soooooooo grateful that Jason and I are tight. I worried for years that we would end up like our parents. However, once we hit our 10 year mark, I realized that we were nothing like any of them and were really happy together. {{knock on wood, crossing fingers, grabbing a rabbits foot}} He’s my favorite person on the planet and completely gets me. I wish that for everyone.

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